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Does this annoy you?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) December 16th, 2008

I’m not pointing anyone out in specific here, but it really grinds my gears when people, more less the people who have joined fluther today or yesterday, go back through the list of questions and answer questions from weeks, even months ago, that have already been solved and answered in full. I see new activity, and I say to my self, “Self, isn’t that question like two months old?” The question will be something simple, here is an example:

How to I add a bookmark?

User1 (A well respected member of the collective) (two months ago):

Goto bookmark > Bookmark this page
User two (another well respected member) (two months ago):

You can also hit Ctrl +D

Question Asker (two months ago):
Thanks guys! :)

NewUser (yesterday):
You can hit Ctrl + D or Bookmark > Bookmark this page
end example

I see this a lot and it is really, really beginning to bug me. Does anyone else get annoyed by things like this?

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No, but I tend not to participate in threads that have a definitive answer with an obvious end. It does make me ask myself, “self, isn’t that an old question?” =)

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you could always just stop following questions after theyve ” been solved and answered in full.” ;)

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I think that some people just don’t bother reading the thread, and want to put their 2 cents in. It is a bit frustrating, but, ce la vie.

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I think that some people just don’t bother reading the thread, and want to put their 2 cents in. It is a bit frustrating, but, c’est la vie.

And then they just end up repeating what people above them have said. I hate that!

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Self is too busy recovering from monster 6-day power outage everywhere and temps. below freezing. Self, for the moment at least, has a different perspective on what’s important.

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New user; give ‘em a break.

When these things happen, I’m not aware of it, because I don’t pay much attention to the “Activity for You.” (I only look at the recent questions.) I’m sure there are plenty of examples out there, but I don’t bother to look through them.

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No, it does not bother me.

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I tend to only participate in newer threads that pop up on that day or at least I try my best to do that.

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Let’s not discourage new members. We’re supposed to be an inclusive bunch of jellies.

If you feel the thread has run it’s course or are not interested in it anymore, simply click “stop following”.

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I’ve noticed that, too, usually with a thought to the effect of “Wouldn’t you want to read what’s above before posting?” But I’m with Pete on taking it a little easy on new users, not pouncing on their little fumbles just because you can. Actually I think it’s nice when a thread comes back to life or a recent joiner adds a fresh perspective.

When I’ve seen all I think I want to see of responses to a question, I do click “Stop Following.”

[Edit] Ack. Well, that was a simultaneous post and not meant to be an echo. So I guess it’s fair to say I agree.

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I don’t get bothered by it, sometimes it makes me think of other points I had planned to make…but if there is simply nothing more to be said about it, I simply click the stop following link and be done with it.

Some people would even prefer everyone searching for the question first, and checking to see if it’s been asked, as opposed to re-asking questions again and again.

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i agree. When the question has already been answered, why do you feel the need of regurgitating the information again? new users, i can understand one or two of these issues. now, older members, that’s annoying.

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please kick me off, the day that I let the Internet annoy me.

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I’m with Judochop.

I have never found it annoying, stop following the question if it annoys you.

I regularly answer questions from weeks, months, even years ago particularly if I think I can add something. Part of the reason I love Fluther is that nothing closes off after a certain period of time and it keeps you updated when something has been added. Combined with the lack of timestamps it’s probably my favorite thing about this site.

Besides, even if you saw and responded to a question a few weeks ago, it doesn’t mean someone didn’t just found the site and is excited to dive in, in which case I fully support their doing so. Even for older users, I see it as a sign of how awesome we are that people would still want to pitch in.

Now, in the example you gave, yes, it’s a bit stupid to just keep adding the same information over and over. But usually those aren’t the questions with repeated activity and they’re easy enough to stop following. :)

Eh, I’m tired. I’m not going back to edit this. I might have rambled.

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I think attending to old threads is ok, even tho the problem is solved. the bookmark example was unnecessary of course. he was only saying exactly the same that the others did. However, sometimes it feels better when you hear the same things from different sources.

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bluemukak has rightly pointed.people just wont care to reads the posts in between the first and last post. I’d rather wont participate in them. Also its best to stay out of of spammy thread/posts.

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I stop following questions that are finished or ones that evolve into general banter.

I admit I did this when I first joined, went back through the archives and added my voice if I felt I had something to share. Yes, your exact example of someone jumping in without having read the comments before is annoying, and I will also admit that I made this mistake once, but only once as I learned from it.

I have more respect for people who archive-post when new compared to a person who only asks questions and never answers anyone else’s, that’s for sure.

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Let us all stop for a moment to remember how excited we all were when we first found this site. I know I was hooked from the first moment. I would answer anything I could. I would flip back and read and answer and ask to my heart’s content.

It doesn’t bother me. I like to see my responses again after a while.

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I just think it’s stupid when people answer old questions that could not possibly be relevant or useful anymore.


What should I wear under my graduation gown tomorrow? (7 months ago)

A simple black dress would probably be nice! (today)

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I don’t see that as being stupid. What if another person who has the same question found that question today and saw the recent answer which was helpful to them? Just because the answer is no longer useful to the original question asker, doesn’t mean the information is not relevant or useful to others. If Fluther was really meant for the question asker, the questions would be deleted or unaccessible after a certain number of months. And I’m glad this is not the case.

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perfect example! I try my best to be tolerant of new users, as I was one once too.

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Wilhel: Lurve for I think attending to old threads is ok.
Makes me think we’re running a convalescence home for questions.

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I think i already answered this one!

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I agree with tinafaery (I always do apparently)

Why would you ask a question with a definite answer? Fluther citizens, don’t forget google! What are you too lazy> now I am not dis promoting fluther and promoting google or anything, but it’s almost like spam!

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sometimes responses to older questions are helpful =)

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Um, lets not count our chickens before they are hatched. HIV can lie dormant in many types of cells. Second, even long term nonprogressors of HIV (many with the mutation introduced into the bone marrow patient) often gradually have CD4 decline. So, the jury is out.

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