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What are great websites for my wife to use so that she can learn how to type faster and develope the skills needed to be at a higher level for typing?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) December 16th, 2008

my wife wants to find out typing games/typing courses or so for free online,can you please recommend some websites?

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Are you sure it has to be online?

I’ll say the BEST thing that has worked for me personally is a PC game called Mavis Beacon. You can find it anywhere. It’s a GREAT typing program that tracks your progress. You only have to do a little each day/every other day and you’ll start seeing results fast, within a week even.

I know it’s not really “online” and I’m sorry, but this has worked for me and others and I just thought I would throw it out there. I recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their typing speed/accuracy.

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@seeking- What about for Mac?

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There’s a Mac version of Mavis Beacon available.

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It’s been a few years since I’ve looked at online typing tutors, but I remember liking TypingWeb –

It is online, so it should work for a Mac, too.

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@bob thanks, I was just about to say that :D

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oh yea nad i have a mac by the way

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anything i can look at from the pirate bay?

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Don’t want to condone illegal activity here but yeah…

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I have to agree with seekingwolf it’s not very smart to talk about piracy on a public site like this or talking about piracy at all for that matter.

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I guess Fluther is.

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A fun way to practice typing.

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well im just searching everything,and google seems to just have those 10 day trial games,i checked out and same thing,im just surfing the web thats all.

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Give her a reason to want to type, so that she’s not primarily practicing her typing, but doing something else that secondarily involves typing.

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@cwilbur That’s a good idea too. :)

I think my typing improved most with Mavis Beacon, but I also noticed a HUGE speed improvement when I started having an online relationship when I was a little younger LOL.
(not saying that you should encourage your wife to get an online bf!) :D

If she has IM though and uses that to communicate with friends and family, that’s a good opportunity for typing practice.

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Nice,thanks everyone,im probably just gona buy mavis beacon since it helped me when i was young

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