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Anyone here had issues upgrading to OS X 10.5.6?

Asked by damien (2399points) December 17th, 2008

I updated my MacBook last night with no problems but have since heard that a lot of people are having issues with it. Now I can’t decide whether to go ahead and do my iMac the normal way through software update, or to download the combo updater and perhaps do it in safe mode, or wait for 10.5.7.

Have you updated? Through software update or combo updater? Any problems?

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No problems here. Run a backup and take the plunge, I think; unless your machine is really critical.

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Also, zero problem(s).

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No problems here either (on my 13” aluminium MacBook).

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I’m fine on a 15” MBP 1.83, updating through SW Update.

There do always seem to be a few people who have weird issues after updates, but I usually chalk that up to permissions problems, random corruption, or other pre-existing issues. This one seems pretty safe so far.

If your machine is mission-critical and cannot go down, I would never recommend doing an upgrade until you have a failsafe in place. If you’re asking because you don’t want to be inconvenienced, I think you’re pretty safe.

disclaimer: while I am a Mac tech, I’m posting outside an official capacity and my advice is not necessarily the advice of my employer blah blah blah

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I guess I’ll just cross my fingers and go for it then. It’s more the inconvenience of reverting to a backup which I’m trying to avoid :)

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It all went smoothly – no probs.

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My install hung (Intel MacBook) – I had to force-restart then grabbed the combo updater DMG from Apple directly and it was OK from there.

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MacBook Pro 2.6 and 2.4 iMac, both gravy….

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I recommend repairing permissions on your startup drive before installing updates. Using Disk Utility, select your startup volume and click Repair Permissions. It may take several minutes. Good thing to do every now and then as general maintenance, as well.

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I got hammered. Somehow it messed up my login keychain. Nothing would work and I’d get “blabla wants to access the login keychain” nags all over, but it wouldn’t accept the actual login password anymore.

Permission and disk repair were no good.

I had to delete the entire login keychain and create a new one :(

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