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Is it normal to put crown molding in a non-master bathroom?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12537points) December 17th, 2008

My mom wants to do it in her house, and it just sounds strange to me. I’m not expert. The bathroom does have a full shower/tub and two sinks, but it’s actually pretty small.

What do you guys think? Do we have an interior designers on fluther? If you are one, please say so in your answer.

Thanks, everyone!

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I rarely see bathrooms with moldings, whether they’re master or not. Both of mine don’t have any, neither do any that I can remember. But if your mum wants to do it, why not do it, it’s not like some bathroom czar will come and give you a fine for doing it :D

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Because it would be a waste of money, in my humble opinion.
...Plus I would worry that all that steam would warp the wood…but like I said I’m no expert.

Mostly, I just think it would look weird, and a better use of the money would be to invest in some nice art or photography for all her blank walls, or perhaps eve (gasp) curtains of any kind, any kind at all…ah, but I digress….

EDIT: ugh, that should say “any” interior designers – not “an”. i hate typos.

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We have it all over our house, even in the garage. We did not build this house. We bought it new from a builder. It looks good in the bathroom. We have had no problems with it after eight years. I would not spend the money on it in a garage, if we had built it ourselves, but it does look good in the bathroom.

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Whose bathroom is this, again?

No, it won’t warp.

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If it makes her happy, why not? Unless you are looking for an imminent resale of the house, do what makes her feel comfortable. If done well, the molding certainly will not detract from the room.

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Is there/will there be crown molding in the other bathrooms or bedrooms? If it’s the only such room with molding, it might come off a bit odd. However, most people probably won’t notice unless they spend a lot of time at the house.

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I think it is ok, but the size of molding should compliment the size of the bathroom.

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Susanc: it’s my mom’s house, and I don’t live there anymore, even though she likes to pretend that I do. It’s kind of still “my” bathroom, if you get my drift – the one that was mine, back in the day, not all that long ago. I guess I have a certain feeling of ownership over it still…

dlm: other rooms, and certainly the master bath, i’m not sure about the powder room.

miasmon: i like that idea.

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Your feeling of ownership sure did come out in your posts, at least I was able to pick up on something like it. But since you don’t live there anymore, you should start disassociating yourself from it being “yours”. I think supporting your mum’s decision for molding is a great start towards separating yourself from your old home.

I went through a similar feeling when I moved out (of a house I have lived in all my life) and saw my room taken over by my sister. While it was a bit awkward at first to see her “destroy” the room I had spent so much time in, it was also relieving to see it change to the point where I no longer think of it as “my space”. It really helped me appreciate the new place I was living in more.

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Thanks, dynamicduo, but I’m really not looking for a psychological assessment. She asked my opinion. I wanted an another opinion. Plain and simple.

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Sure, why not? Crown molding, when done well, makes any room look more put together and elegant.

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Crown molding put in any room in a house makes it look richer as it is an “extra” that isn’t necessary to complete the room. Similar to wainscoting, wall paper borders or toe molding.

The only thing I would not put in a bathroom is carpeting or wall paper. I know people do it, but it is not my personal preference…..

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If she wants an extra elegant master bath then go for it. It’s her house, her taste prevails.

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As long as other rooms have the crown molding it will be fine. As it is in the bath, tell her to look into moldings made out of other materials than wood. MDF is more stable, and they also make plastic versions these days that look like the real thing.

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If it’s consistent throughout the house, sure. If it’s just the bath, not the bedroom, that’s kinda weird.

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Thanks for the tips, everyone!
(Judi, it’s actually not the master bath.:) Look up at the Q! ^^)

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Nothing wrong with crown mold. I think it looks good in any room and makes most any room look better.

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I don’t see what anyone’s idea of normality has to do with it.

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