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Whacky or Wise? Watering houseplants with ice cubes?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) December 17th, 2008

I have a friend who swears by it, says the plants like it, are healthier. Whacky or Wise? (the idea, not my friend)

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All of the reading I’ve done on orchids recommend tepid temperatures for water so as to avoid shocking the plant.

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One time I dumped the ice out of my empty glass onto my basil plant, thinking it was a good idea, and Tim told me it was a very bad idea…shocking them, like syz said. I was shocked.

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why were you shocked chica what happened?

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@qualitycontrol: Basil plants are electrically charged and will vehemently defend themselves against ice attack.

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The advice I got when I started growing my chili plant was to “ensure the water is lukewarm. The water flowing from the faucet should feel comfortable running on the inside of your wrist.”

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If the ice comes in direct contact with plant tissue it can damage the plant.

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QC, ah, that was a joke…one that didn’t come across very well i guess. i was trying to make a pun on the fact that i was surprised, but i used the word ‘shocked’ because the basil was shocked too.

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That is the only way I have watered my orchids for some time now. I recently had two of them rebloom for me. A first!

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I talked to a friend who is a landscape architect, and she said the cubes were probably not a good idea for houseplants.

I am calling this one – Whacky, not wise.

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Hello all, ice cubes in houses plants work. I have a peace plant that I use to have to water almost daily or the leaves would droop. now i place 3 or 4 ices on the dirt once a week and the plant is doing great. the leaves are even greener. I did the same thing with a poinsettia. it is beautiful. i say it is wise. I would like to add that it is very hard to kill a peace plant. but it is working for me.

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I can see where the ice cubes in the soil around the plant would offer a little consistency in the total moisture of the soil itself, and thus the availability of the moisture to the plant. But I would tend to agree that ice cubes directly on the plant would tend to cause shock.

I always water my houseplants with room-temperature water that has been in a watering can or pitcher for a few hours.

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