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Does anyone else wish Steve Jobs was their father?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) September 6th, 2007

Not just for the free stuff. He seems so wise, funny, and charismatic. He’s basically my favorite celebrity. I really admire him, I guess.

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no – because:
1) i wouldnt want my whole life would be overshadowed by father’s success
2) i dont idolize steve jobs
3) it would mean that his snobby,arrogant-gene would be passed onto me
4) you dont need to be some famous person’s son to be charismatic, wise or funny. – people can turn out to be really great persons even if their parents were not so great

frankly i am ok with having no father at all

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an uncle for sure

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Sure, I would! If I were his daughter, then I would be a whole lot younger!

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I’d be worried he’d make me brand myself with an apple logo tattoo. Sadly, I would do it.

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Absolutely.. Steve Jobs is still alive and I have never heard about him beating his kids when he got drunk. So, the bar is set really low on this one.

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nope, my father is way way better that steve jobs, he doesn’t own a huge corporation, but he is the best a kid can ask for…

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No I would just rather have Steve Jobs money

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No. I had enough troubles w. my own father. And if I had a choice, I would pick the dymanic duo of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

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well maybe a sugar daddy

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Hell yeah I do!!

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If you knew him better, you would NOT wish that. Jobs has screwed everyone he has had the chance to, taking credit for “inventing” the apple computer when actually he was the marketing guy and Wozniak was the inventor. He cares about personal glory but he is not known for any kind of generosity. The University of Indiana center for Philanthropic studies finds no significant gifts by Mr. Jobs, despite his personal wealth in the billions. One child who IS actually his child, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, and her mother actually had to live on welfare, as Jobs initially denied his paternity and didn’t even send $10 for food. So be careful what you wish for.

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