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How do you get rid of man-boobs?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) December 17th, 2008

Is there some secret I’m not aware of?

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Lose weight and work out to build muscle in your chest. If you’re otherwise well-proportioned, consult a doctor.

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At gyms there’s a machine called a Pec-Deck, (might be called something different where you are). But you hold your arms out to your sides at shoulder height behind two pads, then bring them in so they’re infront of you. When you bring them in it lifts a weight working your shoulders and pecs.
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Oh and i believe the technical term is Moob

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Buy my metabolism and stay skinny regardless of how much/what you eat.


I accept paypal.

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like joey said, exercise that area, but also design a weight management schedule or, better, a diet of less sugar, alcohol, salt, sauces, dips, fast food, chips, cheeses, salad dressings, breads and butter.

replace with fresh vegetables, real fruit, almonds, oatmeal, raisins, broiled meats, black beans (all the stuff nobody wants to eat actually.) but, honestly, that’s the key.

shy away from the myth of pastas and rice. if you eat that, fine. but make sure you exercise as well. pasta and rice are complex carbs. they’re good for you only if you use their complex sugars for exercise.

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oh, and i also heard that too much alcohol tricks hormones and promotes man boobs in the long run. not sure of that report and, by all means, not saying alcohol for you is the culprit. just something for your reading pleasure…

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but i thought you couldnt “spot reduce”

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I am not a doctor or even a health expert, but one of my friends completely gave up drinking everything except for water (save for the occasional alcoholic beverage) and lost so much weight – whatever plan you take, I bet cutting out soda cold turkey and only drinking water with your meals would play a big role. And you save a lot of money too!

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Lurve for your courage in asking this question. And for the (mostly) civil responses.

@qc, we could probably give you more tailored recommendations if you’re willing to tell us a little more about what you eat typically, and any exercise you get.

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