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if I swap out my 802.11b router for a newer 802.11g one, will I see a considerable speed boost of web surfing on my iPhone? The iphone is the only wifi unit in the house,.

Asked by pattyb (786points) September 6th, 2007 from iPhone
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Yes. 802.11g is faster then 802.11b, and not only will internet be faster, the range of your network will be extended.

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the short answer: probably not.

the long answer: the speed limit of 802.11b is 11Mbps (megabits per second) which is probably faster than your internet connection. the fastest home internet connections nowadays are between 1 and 10 Mbps, and so your limiting factor is probably not the router. if you had two computers sharing files with one another on your wifi network, you would notice a major improvement in that speed if you switched to g since that activity is not limited by having to pass through your DSL or cable connection.

as klass4 says, the big improvement you will see is range; g goes a lot further. it will probably also drain your iphone battery slightly faster, but you probably won’t notice the difference.

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samkusnetz is right. The bottleneck is your internet connection.

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Sam is correct…give the man a prize..will ya?

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