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What do you cook for Christmas day?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) December 17th, 2008

ok, you already know the thanksgiving regulars, but do you switch it out on the big holiday for something different?

what makes your christmas menu stand out above the rest?

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Lobster, lobster and more lobster,

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Every year our family Christmas meal seems to change. Everyone always brings something over and sometimes people bring different things. Oddly enough, our Thanksgiving meal remains nearly identical to the last year after year.

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i do fried catfish in the turkey fryer outside in the snow and cold on christmas eve. i serve up the fish with a big pot of chicken and shrimp gumbo as a side.

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Ours is exactly a repeat of Thanksgiving, but add a double smoked ham. That is what everyone asks for every year, so that is what we make.

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Sometimes I make turkey all over again because we like it so much, but usually we do a ham and all the trimmings.

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Our is just like Thanksgiving, but with ham instead of duck, er, I mean turkey. (It’s been duck since I took over.)

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While I prefer ham, I’m not usually in charge of this holiday. It’s at my in-laws house and I just eat whatever they serve : )

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mmmmm I love duck

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churducken anyone?

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I sit back and cook crack…

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We usually have a roast turkey Thanksgivingey sort of meal, but sometimes we do a roast beef and Yorkshire pudding meal since my husband’s English. My brother-in-law makes trifle and I bake l ost and lots of cookies.

Sind I’m Jewish and Chanukah overlaps Christmas this year, I may need to make potato latkes too.

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We’ve had goose, rack of lamb, turkey, and duck over the years. This year we are totally stressed out, and are going to play Jew (which is not altogether playing, since Hitler would have gassed me based on my ancestors) on Christmas Eve (eat at a Chinese restaurant), and then eat lasagna on Christmas (usually lasgna is the Christmas Eve meal).

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A standing rib roast; and whatever fantastic potato recipe SoapChef is willing to share!!

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We have always had Roast Beast. It will just be my Mom and two friends so I am getting a small Prime Rib. I was going to do Beef Tenderloin, but changed my mind. Hey there’s bythebay, hi! Something with Dungeness crab too! Potato recipe? Well I am thinking of going old school with stuffed baked potatoes with boursin cheese. I may stick to my old standard of Sinful Potatoes au gratin, that have enough heavy cream and cheese and butter to bring down a buffalo. But, hey, it’s Christmas!

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Heavy cream and cheese; now you’re talking my language!

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Crown roast lately. (last three years)

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Here ya go bythebay. I am not responsible for any coronary events as a result of eating these.

Sinful Potatoes au Gratin

Steam or boil red or other waxy potatoes about half done.
Slice and layer with salt, fresh ground pepper and lots of good swiss cheese.
Pour enough heavy cream over all to almost cover.
Dot with butter.
Bake for at least two hours at 350. (It takes a long time for the cream to thicken properly.)
I have used different cheeses and added pecorino too. You can add herbs, bacon and/or spinach, yum!

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Lamb, pretty much every year.
Marinated in olive oil, garlic, rosemary and for good measure a lot more garlic.
Do it in my ceramic oven outside, crusty outside, rare to medium inside..

Almost every year.
The alternative is a crown roast of pork,


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@soap: That sounds delish!

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Between this and the Gyro thread, I just gained 5 lbs!

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Our’s is pretty much the same as Thanksgiving, too, other than I add a ham.

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Thanksgiving, just not as big. And ham instead of turkey.

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Everything under the sun, I make either a ham or turkey, and stuffing, yams, jellos, cranberry, olives, corn on the cob, biscuits, apple pie, pumpkin pie from the halloween pumpkin, and either a rhubarb/raspberry pie, blueberry, or cherry pie, and torts, of the same, and cookies, or a popcorn cake. Usually most of it all is from scratch, I won’t buy a pie, don’t like them. lol

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My family always has a big brunch on Christmas morning (after opening presents, before taking stuff out of our stockings…) It’s usually something wonderful that my mom whips up, like scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese, some kind of tasty muffins, sausages, and fruit salad.

Then we have more of a snacky dinner later, while we hang out by the tree and play with our new toys. Often it’s some kind of soup that we can drink out of big mugs (split pea soup, creamy red pepper soup, something like that), and a whole bunch of little appetizer-like things – stuffed mushrooms, spinach puffs, baby quiches. My mom is amazing when it comes to hors d’oeuvres!

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Ours is just as big as Thanksgiving, except we add a prime rib, and the 7 versions of pumpkin pie are replaced with a yule log, cinnamon ginger bread, chocolate marshmallow cookies, peppermint pie, white chocolate bread pudding, intricately decorated Christmas cookies, and a caramel cinnamon trifle.

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This year, after we scarf down some local oysters, one son is making a big, big paella, one daughterinlaw is making a big salad, I’m making family-specific peas and a Tarte Tatin with plenty of whipped cream. I think somebody’s bringing a regular pie of some kind. That’s Christmas Eve. In the morning, omelettes and waffles; our teamwork is good from long practice.
We’re tired this year. A third of us are old, and a third of us are pregnant. We’re looking for easy and warm. We decided no presents everyone will cheat but will brainstorm who we can help out as a consortium. Maybe Heifer Project.
We’re a family with a lot of recent weddings. This year we’ll be creating traditions that should last a long time. We have an almost-two-year-old; by next Christmas we’ll have two six-months-olds for her to instruct. I’m happy. omg I have to go get a tree

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@susanc; it sounds deliciously chaotic! Enjoy it.

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Hold the prsses, this just in: we are having duck this year!

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@EmpressPixie, I have made duck and goose, I prefer goose to duck, the meat is juicier. Good stuff though. Yummy.

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I hate red meat. I don’t know what Goose is, but I am not a meat-eater in general. I am ½ vegetarian BUT I LOVE TURKEY!! and chicken and any other white meat.

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What is 1/2 vegetarian? Do chicken, turkey, etc. not count as meat? Maybe you're just not a beef eater? And a a goose.

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Well, it is when you eat meat occasionally; rarely. and yes I am not a beef eater, nor any other red meat.

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