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Do the Apple In-Ear Headphones work well with the iPhone 3G?

Asked by aphony (3points) December 17th, 2008
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All headphones works good with the iPhone, even though you don’t have the handsfree button to pause/play/answer.

I’m loving this new notification thing, makes me answer questions first everytime.

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Actually, the play/pause/answer button and mic WILL work. The volume + and – buttons will not. :( The headphones will work just fine.

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I’m confused, does the In-Ear headphones even have a mic? Is it the ones that comes with the iPhone? Thought those were ear-buds.

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I would recommend upgrading to sony in ear phones with bass boost or the ones that loop over your ear if you plan to do any moving while enjoying your music.

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I enjoy my Bose in ear headphones. It’s the second pair I’ve owned. I wore the first pair out after hours upon hours of use. The second generation ones that I have now are completely redesigned though to stop any issues the first-gen version had.

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Shout out for the V-Moda Vibe II’s

The base is amazing + they come with optional over-the-ear attachments + the cord is cloth + the mic/sound quality is excellent with the iPhone.

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@magnus apple have just released a new pair of in ear (canal) headphones that have an in line remote and mic.

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Does anyone know about compatibility with the first Generation iPhone?

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They will work just like the set that came with the iphone ie you’ll have a mic and a call answer button but the volume buttons won’t work.

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Are you sure about that lightlyseared? The first-gen iphone’s headphone port is not even with the top of the casing so not a lot of headphone sets work with it. In the second-gen iphone the headphone port is flush with the top of the casing./

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@hypeserver They have a normal looking apple connector so I don’t see why it shouldn’t fit, Apple says audio is compatible and a number of users have stated on the Apple website product comments bit that they do work with 1g iPhones so yes I’m pretty sure about that.

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