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Does the Fluther logo (jellyfish guy with glasses) have a name?

Asked by Zanbabe (20points) December 18th, 2008
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I think he does have some lame name, but I’d like to formally move that we change his name to Frizzer.

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Dr. J.

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The call him Mister Jelly. ;-)

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It is Dr. J.

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What are the names of the jellies without glasses? And the ones without faces?
Can they be the frizzers?

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The J should be for Jeremy.

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I vote for Dr. J.

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I thought it already was Dr. J (?)

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What type of Doctor is Dr. J? Maybe DoF, Doctor of Frizzotomy?

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@Sueanne, that’s ridiculous. It’s frizzology.

I think that Dr. J might not even really be a doctor. Maybe he’s really a DJ and he thinks that Dr. J is a cool name. Maybe those hipster glasses are just an affectation. Maybe he spins on Thursday nights in Williamsburg.

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And he shall be mine, and he shall by my Squishy.

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How did he get the name Dr. J anyway?

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