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Do you ever look back at some responses you've given on fluther and asked yourself...what was I thinking?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) December 18th, 2008

sometimes I see a response I made, and I completely don’t remember typing it. Or, I make a response, and my view has completely changed, and is now opposite to what my previous responses were on the same question. I respond to a variety of questions on Fluther, but I guess based on mood and other factors sometimes I think differently.

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Not really. I laugh at my typo’s and incorrect grammar though. :)

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Yes. Sometimes I regret it immediately.

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@shadling hahaha it’s ok, I think everyone loved you for it.

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Not usually but there are times when I’d like to go back and edit something in a recent answer and it seems like I’m always just seconds late of that 10 minute time limit to edit responses after submitting them. Yeah, I’m chronologically challenged.

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I’ve looked at some and forgotten that I even answered at all. I read the response and it has my name beside it, but I’m like I swear I didn’t write that….

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YES! oh my gosh. Recently, I was thinking of something that happened in 1995, and I wrote that it happened “20 years ago”, and then someone else said, “No, that happened in 1995”. I was like, “yeah I know, and?”

total embarrassment, right? ugh.

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Sure, I even do that with things I say anything from 20minutes to a week back. I analyze myself a lot, a great source of stress.

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I don’t think I’ve wanted to change my answer, but I do cringe at the typos!

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O yes the typos are funny.Most often its some words which I omit writing and that totally reverses the meaning -like omitting the word “not”.I dont remember my answers either!

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Does anyone go back specifically to look at old answers, or does this happen when you are further along in a discussion and you happen to see your previous post?

I might see something if I’m further along in the discussion, but even then, I rarely do more than glance at it, to help me remember what I said. So far, I haven’t disagreed with myself. At least, not on fluther, lol.

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Here is an example…I am the first to respond taking the side of star wars….and by the end, I felt as though technology of the future would win. I didn’t come out and say Star Trek, but that’s how I felt when I said it.

@queenz I do the same thing quite often…I’m even like, that doesn’t sound like something I’d say…

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I actually had to re-answer an entire question because in the editing phase of my answer, I had edited out all the important stuff!

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I haven’t seen this so much on Fluther, but I do in my journal entries. I’ve had the same journal since I was 14, and every year, I would reread the entries from the previous year and cringe because my writing/ideas/thoughts seemed so horrendously stupid to me a year later.

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