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What was your worst date?

Asked by tilc (126points) December 19th, 2008

Please funny stories! :)

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I took a girl I liked to a movie once, back in 10th grade. About half an hour in, I thought “maybe I should put my arm around her”. So, I lifted my arm up, and tried to put it over her shoulder, but ended up accidentally punching her in the head.

I eventually draped my arm uncomfortably over her shoulder. After about an hour, it started to fall asleep, so I tried to pull it back, and managed to pull her hair.

So, yeah. Most romantic date ever.

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Cool story :) You make my day! :)

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glad I could help ;-)

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What happened than?

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There were two that were particularly bad in their own ways.
The first was the body builder. We worked together and he asked me out, to go to a bodybuilding event with him. The day arrived and I met him at his house bright & early. I proceeded to sit through an eating spectacle that involved raw eggs, turkey and multiple protein type shakes (I passed on breakfast); we then moved on the bedroom…don’t get excited…once there I had to view a fashion show of sorts. It was a parade of speedos, each to be evaluated by how well they supported his “package” & ass. After that it was on to the bathroom where he shaved & waxed every part of his body. By afternoon we were at the event where I got to participate in oiling his body- then he entered the zone where he couldn’t speak and did endless push & pull ups until his veins looked like they were going to explode. Then it was his turn to go out and prance around like a pony dipped in copper-tone; while his adoring fans screamed. The great news? He won. The bad news? He won. I then waited around for 2 hours while he signed autographs and took pictures with his groupies. We went back to his house where he showered and slept for hours; I made my exit around hour 2. The next time he asked me out – I politely declined.

And speaking of busy; horrible date #2 was actually a great date with early dinner and some drinks. I had to get home early because in truth…I had another date lined up for later that evening. When date #1 brought me home, he walked me to my door and we kissed good-night. As he turned to leave, date #2 was actually already standing at the foot of the stairs watching us say goodbye (he was early). Needless to say this did not end well for me. Neither asked me out again; and I learned my lesson. The next time I allowed a two hour buffer between dates instead of just 30 minutes! ;)

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Your story is cool as well! :) I will think about my dates too…

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In college, I went out ONCE with this guy who took me to Shannon’s Roaring Twenties, a strip joint. Apparently, he did not realize he was with a LADY.

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I was taken to Taco Bell, where my date proceeded directly to the counter, ordered, pulled out money, THEN turned around and asked “oh, did you want something?”

He was the thoroughly surprised that I didn’t put out.

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I think I have to go with the guy that took me out to dinner and a movie. Dinner was at a nice steakhouse, the movie….some Star Trek movie…not sure which one, I was painfully aware of the fact that I was the only female in the theater.

While we were at dinner, I excused myself to go to the restroom, while gone – he sent back my steak. Evidently, I ordered it wrong, “too cooked” according to him. It wasn’t mooing, so he said it was wrong. I came back to no plate and waited, while he continued to chow down on the massive steak he ordered. Then on to the movie…which I mentioned above. I’m not a Star Trek fan, so it was a challenge for me to stay awake. (he never asked if I liked those movies, really didn’t what kind of movie I liked.)

I was a single mom and really didn’t like people picking me up at my house, that safety thing…so I had him drop me off at my best friend’s apartment – my daughter was at her father’s house. He insisted on walking me up to her door…she lived on the 3rd floor. When we got to the door, I thanked him and started to turn to the door, that’s when he said, “I sure would like to kiss you, but my mother taught me never to try to slobber all over a lady on the first date.”

Yeah…I passed on another date with that charmer!

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the worse date….I have so many lol. well how about this one, I had a friend who set me up with one of his friends and we went out a few times and talked and it was great so I asked her out to a concert and we went and when the concert started a security guy picked her up and they were gone well she and this guy didn’t come back until about five min. before the concert was over and she had flowers and a big smile on her face they hugged and we went home and that was the last time I saw her. I have a million more my dating life sucks big time.

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I had a guy pick me up for a date and when I got into the car there was an almost empty 12 pack of beer and he asked if I wanted one. He proceeded to get drunk at the restaurant and and some point asked me if I liked pills. I said “what kind?” and he told me oxycontin and then he went into the bathroom to do who knows what for about 20 minutes at the restaurant. I convinced him to go down the street with me to a friends house and ditched him after a few hours. The next day he dropped off a bunch of packages that he had bought for me. It was odd to say the least. I left for CO for a month a few days later and never called him again.

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When I was a teenager, I was completely opposed to having serious relationships because I felt I was too young to have a boyfriend. I only wanted to have flings, and I wanted them to be free of romance.

So, there was this guy, Chris, that I barely knew through a circle upon circle of acquaintances (had been in the same places various times but probably hadn’t said more than “hello”). He was pretty hot. My friend Amy IMed me one day and was like, “You know that kid Chris who’s friends with X and Y… [plus description]... He asked me to ask you if you would want to go out with him on Friday.” (Hahahaha, because that’s how teenagers ask each other out.) I said sure, since he was cute, and I figured it’d be a non-serious, non big deal.

So, I told Amy to give him my address, and he picked me up that Friday night with a ROSE IN HAND. My reaction was basically this.

He then proceeded to take me to New Hope (which was like an hour away from where I lived) so we could walk along the shops there. But then he started to get too romantical, so I decided to go in a sex shop. Then, I got kicked out of the sex shop because I was only 16. I bitched about it for like 20 minutes.

Then he walked me past all of the shops and took me to a creek. He put a blanket on the ground and told me to sit down and then started kissing me way too romantically for my liking at the time (and for him, someone I barely knew and had felt no type of romantic connection with).

I said I wasn’t into him like this and just wanted to hook up. He was taken aback. I asked him to take me home.


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@girlofscience: +1 for the Office reference!

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Worst date in recent memory was probably going out with this guy that I had met randomly and he asked me out. He seemed cute enough and nice, so I thought why not? We went to dinner and he basically proceeded to talk about himself the whole night and disagree with every opinion I had (not sure what that was all about…). I basically gave up attempting any real conversation. At one point he talked about windsurfing for about half-hour. He also told me to watch what I was eating since I mentioned I had to work the next day (I model part-time. WTF??!!!!). I said goodnight without so much as a handshake and he wondered why I never returned his phone calls. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been but it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth!

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My worst date was my first one——when my girl didn’t even show up. It’s because she didn’t tell her parents and so they didn’t have any planes for it.

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@TitsMcGhee Major jerk !!!

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