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Homecoming Queen, Captain of the Cheerleaders, at 55 living with 30 cats. What happened?

Asked by GAMBIT (3855points) December 19th, 2008
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A loving home for 30 cats? The woman is a saint.

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High school isn’t a accurate barometer for real-world success?
Who’d have thought.

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Uh. Life happened. High school ceases to matter the instant you get the diploma in your hand. What you do, how popular you are, at 14–18 means absolutely 0 towards the kind of adult you will be.

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To quote Larry McMurtry, “Life, she’s a funny old gal”.

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You got old and have a heart for cats, so whats the problem. I’m way older then you and have 5 dogs, a Cessna, a Triumph Speedmaster, a Ford 350GT and my faith. Can pay the bills still work driving a school bus. Enjoy what you have and where you find yourself. Your life is what you made of it. No one gets off alive. All of us have regrets.

…......on a corner in Winslo…...........flatbed…...Ford…..............take it easy…................

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Why not live like she lives?

Because no on on TV lives like that?

Too much makeup.

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She peaked too early.

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