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Does a triangle mean anything?

Asked by johnny0313x (1840points) December 19th, 2008

I was just wondering, the the shape of a triangle or the 3 corners have any kind of meaning, I am not all about the hocus pocus stuff but I found this cool necklace that just has a triangle on it…however…i cant really imagine any meaning for it aside form it just being a triangle….it got me thinking if there might be some research I could do before wearing something I don’t know about ha.

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Well, a pink triangle used to be used as code for gay clubs. If you saw a pink triangle hanging outside of a bar you knew it was a safe haven for gay men.

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That you like 3ways?

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If yr a dude it means you have 3 testicles, if you’re a chik it means you have 3 nipples. Not saying either of those is a bad thing…

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Maybe it means you’re a geometry nerd.
Isosceles. FTW!

…Okay, maybe that’s just me.

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well suanne its not pink its black and im apoligizing ahead of time for my offensive song with your name in it in the other post lol

iholler – only on tuesdays

queenzboulevard – well im not sure id enjoy either but god bless the people that have been blessed in such away haha

asmonet – that seems to be the most logical response heh

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The holy trinity, perhaps?

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@JohnnyO: Umm, sorry, but you are mistaken

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@Sueanne: I think he meant the necklace’s triangle is black, not the pink triangle symbol. :)

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ohhh sorry sueanne….i wasn’t doubting you…i meant the necklace was black haha…

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Triangles have several different meanings. Probably the most logical would be that it hangs nicely on the end of a necklace. If you dig it I would get it. I just would not wear it around anyone you see wearing a square necklace, I hear that can cause a hell of a fist fight but you should gain +5 hit points for wearing the triangle.

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Judochop is correct.

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oh man my friend totally had a circle on the other day…that why i decided to go with the triangle…i mean i think we all no that a triangle holds its own against the circle and square….now octagon….ill just leave that one alone…

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In music class it meant the child with the least musical ability was the one who was given it to play.

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I have only read about the octagon/triangle fight. Some say thats how the dinosaurs were wiped out.

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@As and Johnny: sorry. My bad.

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A triangle is also worn by Alcoholics Anonymous members.

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The pyramid on one dollar bill or ones in Egypt or Mexico .

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Yikes the one on the flash cards in preschool….

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@seVen: It’s an Egyptian pyramid. Mexican pyramids and all pyramids in central and south america are step pyramids. Completely different.

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“In the spiritual realm of the Certyk Shaman the astral and material worlds overlapped in fullness and complete balance. Ongoing relationships were cultivated with otherworldly entities, such as fairies, the dead, polyglottal wyrms and the yet to be born. The Shaman grounds all knowledge of this world from spiritual entities within a nexus of triangular linkages bestowing it upon those who are not so blessed through the bestowal of symbolick three -pointed ornaments signifying balance, and faith in the unknowable.”

All you’ve ever wanted to know about triangles and groups of three – outside of Fluther, of course.

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I dunno… It has three sides?

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Yeah! Let’s eat!

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it also means change

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I think that a triangle means delta, a symbol for the sun, used in many formulas including photosynthesis… but, I don’t know for sure. ;)

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I LOL4RL @AstroChuck triangle in music class.

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Yes it stands for Unity. Completeness, one whole, all in 1, Universe foundation. All together, it is the nearest number to 1. 2 is a twin. unlike one, it is it’s opposite. In life, it (2) is not good. 3 represents settlement and in the end completes a cycle of life. This is why things repeat themselves every third in occurrence of life cycle. 4 is evil, 5 good, 6 complete bad, 7 perfection, 8 final end, and 9 end. 10 is a repeat of 1 to the tenth.

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