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Are you surprised at the "Best of 2008" results?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) December 19th, 2008

Coldplay dominated, and guess what song owned all other with over 3 million scrobbles? Viva La Vida!

Your thoughts?

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I kinda dig that song. This year sucked for music overall though.

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Not really surprised, i mean there were a couple months where you couldnt watch tv for 20 minutes without hearing that damn coldplay song.

I agree though, music wasnt really great this year.

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Mediocrity never surprises me.

I’ll be posting my 2008 picks on my blog January 1st. And there will be zero Coldplay in sight.

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In fact, I just reviewed the list and none of those albums are among my picks.

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I’m not surprised, most of the websites that I frequent for music offer a Top 10 sort of listing, and the albums/artists are usually high up there. Me, I don’t listen to nearly anything on the Best of 08…

I think I may be perpetually stuck in the 60s.

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Damn song stealing brits. May Satriani drink their blood!

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2008 wasn’t a stellar year in terms of music (2007 was definitely better), but I’m really looking forward to reading what all the bloggers have to say about it. In terms of Viva la Vida, it was a really popular song for sure, it was catchy, and even to me, a semi-snobby indie type, it wasn’t a complete disappointment (better than what Coldplay had been doing immediately before…). I wouldn’t call it the best song, but it gained a lot of notoriety with the iTunes/iPod/whatever Apple product it was commercials.

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