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Did 3-D glasses ever work for you?

Asked by tiggersmom (515points) December 19th, 2008

I never did see what they said you were supposed to see. How about you?

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Yes, but they always gave me a killer headache, too.

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You might be slightly colorblind. I’ve known a few people who are and 3D movies do jack for them.

I think they’re annoying for feature length films, cause of the color changes. Short amusement park rides I’m all for. I have never had an opportunity to try Pulfrich or Polarized 3D glasses, but maybe if you ordered a pair off the internet then it would work for you?

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the Red/Green 3d glasses are a thing of the past. Nowadays they use polarized lenses. Color blindness is not an issue.

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they work for me in that they successfully give me a huge headache

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@Mritty: I used to work at a movie theater, for regular movie releases we only ever had the red/blue lenses. They’re still around.

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No, the lazy bastards. I’m thinking of sacking them and hiring sunglasses instead.

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I am not colorblind, I wonder if it has something to do with being left handed and primarily use the right side of my brain instead of the left like right handers do. I too get the headaches though.

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I’ve never been able to use them successfully. I am not colorblind and yet the only thing those blue and red glasses ever gave me was a more colorful view of life.

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LOL, yeah, now that some time has gone by, my daughter and I saw the movie “Up” in 3-D and I actually got to see the effects, lol That was so cool. You might want to check it out.

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not ever,ever!

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