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Does your computer have an interesting name?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) December 20th, 2008

You always have the option to choose a name for your computer. These things do more than cats (no offense to Milo!) or dogs, so don’t they deserve to be given a name better than “Blah’s Family Computer” or “Joe Sixpax Laptop?”

Have you already given it a worthy name, or will this inspire you to give recognition to the pieces of technology that help you the most in your life? lol

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Today, as slow as it was going, it’s name was Piece of shit.

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Sometimes I call it Pooter. Or Poop-A-Doop which is currently my home network name.

Right now, it’s name is Gurgles. And the external hard drive is called Cyclops.

Gurgles is because when I use it, it’s usually for silly reasons and when it’s thinking it makes gurgle noises like my tummy. Cyclops is because it’s a 300gb External HD by Western Digital and it’s power button is the only thing on the front and it’s like a little glowing eye. So I named it Cyclops. Obviously.

I think Gurgles and Cy make a good team. I think I’m gonna stick with the name Gurgles.

I totally pat Gurgles when I put him to sleep at night. Like tucking him in. I’ve been doing this for years.

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i name mine after ex-girlfriends. especially the particularly troublesome ones.
it sums up the love/hate relationship and the cash investments pretty well i think.

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my pc’s name is tiegan julian
my 1st external hard drive is named midori
the 2nd external hard drive is named aristotle
my 3rd external hard drive is named the mad hatter

my mac is named: lucia veronica

my car’s name is moogle hey, it has a hard drive in it!

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@jeruba: Are you Deep Thought?

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It’s called HAL 9000

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heh, maybe not as creative as most of you people, but I just name my computer Jack. My current computer is JackIV as in jack the fourth. Everytime I get a new computer it gets another number, I guess because I feel like everytime I get a new computer its just a reincarnation of the old one, since what goes on it and its lay out is really just my personality imposed onto the computer. I probalby gave it too much thought. But anyways me and jack have been doing just that since my first computer.

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At home, my desktop is called ‘Tamari’.
My work computer is named ‘Shackle’ ... sysadmins don’t love me.

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My iMac is called Titan and my macbook Pheonix.

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My computer’s name is Computer :S

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I call it my child because I hand built the computer myself.

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I can’t even build a house of cards. :(

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My laptop is named Perchik [go figure] and my external hard drive is Kitt

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my mac at home is called artslut…

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“Commander Data.”

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After how mine has been behaving it’s name is not something I can write here as it might cause me to be banned, or at least censored.

Darn POS foreign-made Dell!

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Mine is Serenity. I name my external drives after ships, too.

I do that, except for in cases of massive data loss. I didn’t have any backups with my first computer, so when he died, I didn’t reuse the name. Serenity was born shortly thereafter. Of course, there’s also the fact that there was an OS change. That’s kind of significant (Ralph was XP and Ubuntu, Serenity is Tiger).

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It’s called “hoera” at the moment, I believe. Whenever I installed a new version of Xubuntu I had to pick a name again, and I used to pick one that started with the same letter as the codename of the release (so “Hardy Heron” became “hoera”, “Gutsy Gibbon” was “gay”). However, with the latest version I just upgraded instead of freshly installed, so it’s still called “hoera” even though the version is now “Intrepid Ibex”.

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@Asmonet, no, but lovely to be asked, thank you. No, I think of my desktop computer as my local planet, home base as I traverse cyberspace and venture out into new worlds and new civilizations. For another computer I used Terra for the same reason.

My laptop, though, is named Amanuensis.

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I call my main puter Hal, just because at this point in time, it is possessed, and has a mind of it’s own. I haven’t named my laptop yet, still pondering on it, because it seems to be sensitive. lol

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My iPod Nano is called iProg, since i only have Progressive music on it and my external HDD is called Time Machine.

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@Jeruba: That’s a fantastical way of putting it, I dig.

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My old desktop’s name is THRESHOLD, and my MacBook’s name is Brink (II).

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I always name my machines with the type of processor they have in them…unless it’s a server. For instance, my main desktop is AX2–4400, and my test server is Sandbox. My UNIX dev box is CEL933.

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Desktop: SGC (StarGate Command
Laptop: Puddle Jumper
Wifi Router: Stargate
NAS: Alpha Site
I did have 2 access points before – 1 for internal network and 1 for the web so one of them was called Atlantis but sadly Atlantis sunk/died… :(

Notice a pattern here?

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@kullervo Yes, that SG1 is obviously better than SG-Atlantis :P

My Acer Aspire One is called Retro, because it kind of reminds me of those awsome 50’s fridges with the cool colours and rounded edges! But that might just be me…

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@kullervo: Nerd!

..I love it.

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My macbook hasn’t earned a name I feel comfortable with yet, but my powerbook was called Rugged because it was seriously rugged it had many many run-ins with the hard floor, alcohol, etc and it kept right on going. My ipod is named “Pintsize” and my External HD “Winslow” after the Questionable Content characters!

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@Jeruba Amanuensis I love that word. What a great choice of name. And how appropriate. I like it!

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I’ve had a few named Wintermute 12 of them, then there were Old Blue, Frankenbox, and my netbook Sparkles. Now I am on Slim (laptop) and Monolith (tower).

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I named mine Megatron.

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