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What To Do in London?

Asked by Blobman (516points) December 20th, 2008

What are some things me and my family can do on our 1 week London trip?

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Take the Family on the LONDON EYE.

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Keep an eye out for blue police boxes.

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Go see the Globe! I saw a play there and while I didn’t understand anything (interesting acoustics combined with very thick accents) it was a wonderful experience.
@as: then maybe they should avoid the london eye. You never know when a giant plastic monster is going to rise from the depths.

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@katawa: They should stay away from government buildings too. You never know when a pissy visitor from Raxacoricofallapatorius is gonna pop by.

I just noticed this question was asked by blobman. Do you think we just made jabs at some of his friends?

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Goodness I hope not. I guess this means we should avoid the mannequins and exceptionally large people for a while, huh?

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- British Museum
– National Library
– National Gallery
– Get cheap seats for a West End show a couple hours before the performance at the TKTS booth
– Get Oyster cards and ride the tube everywhere
– Have lunch at a pub
– Westminster Abbey

Check out Rick Steves’ London 2009 book for great ideas!

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Visit The Tower of London, catch a west end musical, walk through Hyde Park, browse the Camden Market, Oxford Street, Regent Street (incl. the Apple Store ) and Harrod’s

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And run away from anything brandishing a plunger and yelling, “EXTERMINATE!”

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I like to look for this particular blue box. Then your adventure can really begin.

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See Les Miserables! I enjoyed that play soo much.

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what was that about offending me, asmonet

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We spent the morning of the first day riding around on a doubledecker bus. That was really helpful because we were too tired from the flight to actually do anything but didn’t want to waste a day. The bus tour helped us get our bearings and get a sense of proximity of things to where we were staying. We liked the street markets, and Notting Hill. Also, we did some cool brass rubbings.

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Stay at the Ritz. Visit Westminster Abbey. Walk in Hyde park. Visit the museum. Tell a barman you would like “steak and kidney pie” in your most American accent. Take a cab to “221b Baker Street, my good man.” and what they ^ said.

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@Blobman: Katawa and I were both referencing Doctor Who aliens, which both happen to be a bit fluffy physically. Because your name was Blobman and you’re headed to London there’s a long shot joke that maybe you’re one of them.

If this was true, I’d say go straight to Parliament. But try and crash a space ship as a diversion. You don’t want to attract too much attention, you big green blob. :)

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@asmonet- I can’t believe that I didn’t see your earlier DW reference when I made mine.

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@astro: You’re broken.

And I suggest a space heater. Maybe that might help your uh…little problem.

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There used to be a blue police box outside Earls Court tube station. It’s been a while since I’ve been that way but it might still be there.

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It is officially on my list. If you go there and it’s gone. Don’t tell me.

Don’t destroy my dreams. Well, alright tell me. But do it gently.

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@asmonet apparently it is still there and actually works (you can call the police, not travel through time and space).

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How disappointing.

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Well if you need the police (and can’t get your mobile phone to work) it could be uesful.

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But no hot alien with fancy tools.

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@asmonet for your information i am a big blue blob

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Oh, well then, you’re in the clear! Enjoy London!

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