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Guitar Hero drums Vs. Rock Band drums?

Asked by fortris (683points) December 20th, 2008 from iPhone

Which is better overall?

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Get the Rock Band 2 ones. Fixed kick pedal, plus they’re compatible with GH4 while GH4’s drums arn’t Rock Band compatible.

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rock band drums

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Rock band :)

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Yes they are on 360. And the rock band drums Arn’t even multi-level!

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Rock Band.

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Rock Band hands down. Rock Band’s drum tracks are also better in my opinion. The multilevel is a joke, don’t complain about the lack of it until you’re playing expert mode in drums, which will probably take awhile to get to. If you do want multilevel, go for the ION drum kit, I’ve never played it myself but that’s where I would go to. That or wait for Mad Katz to come out with one – their accessories are surprisingly high quality this time around! Weird eh!

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@dynamicduo True, (even though I was inquiring about the drums kits, not the song list, evrm if Activision is a little emo with theirs) the Rock Band drums don’t feel realistic (I have the 1st games drums) and I don’t want to dish out the $300 for ION’s.

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I have the first-gem Rock Band drums too, but I still like them more than the GHWT ones.

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dude. gh4 comes with awesome cymbals. and you dont have to go out and buy them i love GH drum kit

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Note: The Rock Band 2 drum set is MUCH more durable too. Some have said it’s almost unbreakable. Sounds like a challenge to me since I broke my 1st RB1 set… well, the kids did anyway. Oh yea, Note #2: don’t play the drums with your hands. stupid kids

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Got the ION kit,


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Tell more about them! How do you like them, how’s the response time?

I had a chance to play with the second gen PS3 set over the holidays, with the symbols too, and it was awesome. It made going back to my first gen drums feel awful. Mine sound so loud and clunky now!

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They are godly, the pads take a hell of a long time to get right, annd I still occasionaly hit the rims, but they are worth it. The kick pedal on the other hand, while being better than the stock one, its VERY LOUD and too soft. Its hard to do doubles and triple bass notes because it takes longer to get back up. Did I metion its loud? Its very loud, I mean LOOOUUUD. I’m gonna get the destroyer pedal.

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