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What Do You Guys Think Of The Program FairUse Wizard?

Asked by desiree333 (3241points) December 20th, 2008

I have had NO luck with Handbrake and I have given up on it, its really stupid and when my DVD was done converting it came out blocky, and the sound was messed up. I want to try the program FairUse Wizard, but Im worried I will get viruses. Is it a good program? Do the DVDs turn out in high quality? Is it easy to use? Will I get viruses form it? Additional Info?

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It’s a great program. I use it myself. No viruses whatsoever. Very easy to use, and very customizable for experienced users.

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But you should know you’ll get a virus from Fluther.


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@ aanuszek1 can you give me a link to the original site so i know im actually getting the right program? thanks.

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@ aanuszek, i downloaded the program and its really confusing and when i finished encoding a small part of the movie at the end it said that it was unsuccesful or whatever. I dont really like the program, and do you know how to get it to work? Also when its done converting my DVD can I put it on my iPod?

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1. Use Handbrake to rip your DVDs using one of its built-in presets for iPod video
2. Add the completed video to your iTunes library
3. Drag it from your iTunes library onto your iPod

It’s simple, really it is. You’re making it way too hard.

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@PupinTaco I’ve done all these steps, several times.. Its just not working! I dont understand why everyone else is having so much success with this and its just not working with me. And believe me I’ve done evrything right and I’ve tried nearly all the presets..

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Does Handbrake have a tech support phone number or online forums?

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im not sure, I’ll have to look..

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There’s bound to be people who specialize in fixing these kinds of situations over there, good luck!

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