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How Do I Use The Program VLC For Handbrake?

Asked by desiree333 (3241points) December 20th, 2008

I downloaded the program Handbrake and when I convert my DVDs the result is the picture is blocky and the sound is messed up (like watching satalite during a storm) I have the version 8.3 (i think) for Handbrake and I’ve been told that I need to download the program VLC to convert my DVDs onto my iPod. i downloaded the program, what next? how do I incorporate it with Handbrake? I have a feeling that the reason my converted movies are not working because Im not using the VLC player. Any help? Im so frustrated and confused, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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VLC is a media player for your PC. In my opinion, it’s best used for that. I did not have good quality using it to convert movies.

As for the choppy, blocky picture that you're getting, try updating your codecs: or download a new converting program and try with those.

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Update your version of Handbrake for starters – it’s at 9.something. That’s all you need to rip your DVD’s…

VLC is just for playing (as far as I am aware)

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You can convert files using VLC, but you cannot rip DVD’s

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I have the same issue and nobody is helping me. I hope we both figurge it out

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@jr511527 I think I found the problem. I have been talking about this with people and they say the version 9.3 is messed up. Forget about VLC player, its just a player that will play your movies when you are done converting them. Download the version 9.1. Heres a link to it: handbrake 9.1 I am going to download it to, and see if it works.

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i have the same issue and nothing is working for me, iv even downloaded VLC media player but it still wont work, is there anyone that knows what to do, im getting soooo mad with it!!!

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@johnnygre same! i just gave up!

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I had problems similar to yours until I figured out the following: You need to download both Handbrake and the compatible VLC program to your computer and put them in the same applications folder. You cannot just leave them both in your downloads folder, they need to be copied into your applications folder, where they can apparently recognize each other. Once I did this I had no further problems.

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@seanlooney Thanks, if I ever decide to use Handbrake again I’ll be sure to give this a go.

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