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How many companies have gone green?

Asked by TheGreenBrideGuide (178points) December 20th, 2008

Short of compiling a list of the companies registered with Coop America, B-Corp, etc. can anyone think of a way to discover how many companies define themselves as “green”? Or how many now carry green products? I need hard data – not guesses! help!

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This is a handy site to find things.

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Was there part of it in particular? Looks like a general blgo to me.

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There should be some info about companies under products.

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It depends on what you think is green. I know Hyatt is changing a lot of policies to become more green. But a hotel ain’t never gonna be completely environmentally friendly.

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There is no official definition of “going green” as a company, so have fun digging through the hype.

Now, there is an official standard for whether or not a building is built “green”. Go to the web site of the U. S. Green Building Council for more info.

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Not many, You must understand the companies are business and people are in business to make money, To make green(money) not to be green. Anything that cuts into their profits will not be even considered.

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