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how to network a USB printer without buying a print server?

Asked by zarnold (695points) September 9th, 2007

I’m looking to convert an old computer into an all purpose network server. Can I connect a USB printer to it and use the computer as an interface between the printer and the router instead of buying an adapter? (The printer isn’t ethernet ready). Thanks!

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yes you can are you using windows xp

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on a mac, there is a system preference called “sharing” within which you can opt to share the printer attached to that computer on the local network. it is exceedingly simple to use.

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You can also use CUPS for a *nix server (which is also what OSX uses behind the scenes – although OSX makes it a lot easier to configure than the normal interface).

I use CUPS with an Ubuntu Linux machine for my network printing and can print to the printer using Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Really new printers might not have drivers, although with gutenprint and such it is pretty likely that there are drivers for your printer.

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I am assuming this is a windows computer. Make sure the computer is networked and the printer is operating and connected to host computer. Open up the “Printer and Fax” setting under Control Panel. Right click on the printer icon, and then select the sharing tab. Enter a name and is should work fine.

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