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What does a low temperature mean?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (7673points) September 9th, 2007

We all know that above a 100 or so means you have a fever, but what if you’re temperature is below 98.6….say 96.6 or so?

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Some people naturally have a slightly lower body temperature than others; mine is usually around a 96.8. So if it’s normally a bit low, I wouldn’t be that concerned.

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Mine’s usually 98.6, but right now it’s 96.6.

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I wouldn’t worry about it if you feel alright. But if you are concerned I would see if your local hospital has something like “Ask A Nurse.” In Eugene we have a number to call and a nurse will tell you if you should go get things looked at.

The Internet is a really lousy place to look for medical advice.

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the internet is often not good for this, but the mayo clinic is well-known and i’ve heard this same answer to that question before:

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I’ve heard that your body can fight illness by lowering its temperature in the same way the it fights illness by raising its temperature, though I’ve never asked a doctor about this—I was just told this after explaining that I never run a fever when I have a cold.

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Check the link that Zina posted. Basically, it says you’re probably fine, but if your low temp lasts a while, consult your doctor.

It’s funny that we think of 98.6 as the normal temperature, and we tend to think anything more than .1 off is bad—but we’re only so specific because of the conversion from celsius. 37 degrees celsius happens to convert to 98.6 degrees fahrenheit, but saying 98.6 is conceptually a lot more specific.

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I always run low in the morning: 96.6–97. It spikes to about 98.6 late afternoon and then drops. 98.6 is average and many people run lower. It also depends on the thermometer. The new fancy ones that are whisked across yr forhead or stuck in yr ear read lower. Answers above all valid, I would say. I feel feverish at anything over 99.

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my infants tempature is 94.6 under the arm, is this a normal temp for her.

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If your temperature has suddenly changed and is at 96.6 like you say, this could be a sign of hypothyroidism and should be taken very seriously. Continue to monitor your temperature and report your findings to your doctor if the low temperature should continue. Never ever think something is normal if it is out of the ordinary for YOU.

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hi ya my daughter has been running a fever of 100f which lasted 6 days she has been in hospital the last 3 days now her temp has rapidly droped to 93.5 which is low for her can any plz help and shead some light thenk u x

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My body temperature is normally around 96.3 or so, and I haven’t had any problems with that. I start feeling feverish at 98. I figure, it’s different for everyone. But if you’re worried because the temperature is very different from what’s normal for you, go ahead and ask your doctor. It can’t hurt.

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I normally run 98.6 temp but I have had chills the last 2 days. Yesterday, my temp was 96.2 and today being still chilled, it is 95.4. Any ideas why?

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I too am having chills ans sweats, I checked my temp and it was at 97.6, I’m usually always at 98.6.

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Hi. My throat hurts but everything else feels fine. i decided to take my temperture and it was 96.8. I was worried because my temperartue always get lower when my throat hurts. So I decided to check the internet and this link came up first! I wouldn’t worry about it because I feel perfectly fine. Just my throat hurts.

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My temp is 96.0 and has been for a few days and I have been feeling sick for a week now and very week. got a doc apt for Monday. My kidneys have been hurting quite sometime now but waiting for my doc appointment .

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