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Why do some Lasik surgeons still wear eye glasses and not submit to a Lasik surgery themselves?

Asked by seVen (3472points) December 21st, 2008 from iPhone

This technology is fairly new, are they first experimenting on other people to know of any complications over the years?

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Two barbers are in town. Barber A has a huge unwieldy beard and shoulder length hair. Barber B has a professional hair cut and is clean shaven. Who’s the better barber? I would argue Barber A, as it’s obvious Barber B goes to get his hair cut by Barber A.

Seriously though, it’s personal preference. Maybe they like the way they look with glasses. Maybe they simply don’t want Lasik. If you really want to know, you can ask one and see what their opinion is.

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Some people are not candidates for Lasik because of their particular eyesight. If I’m not mistaken, you cannot have it done if you have astigmatism.

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I know a lot of doctors with ginormous egos who think they’re the best doctors to ever live. Too bad you can’t perform LASIK surgery on yourself.

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I had very bad astigmatism and I have had Lasik. It was the best decision I have ever made. My GF also had Lasik about a year later and she agrees with me. Our very good friend was not a candidate because his cornea was to thin. There are a lot of criteria you have to meet and a lot of people don’t fit. If you were glasses and not contacts and are not very physically active you may not want it done.

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some people though are not candidates…if your eye sight is changing too quickly, if you have dry eyes, or if the shape of your eye is not right they can’t do it…its been around for years, I’m sure they have perfected it extemely well

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@Alena: It can be done with astigmatism. The only problem is it is a lot more complicated. My mother has an astigmatism and got the surgery. All I really know about it is they put a piece of glass in her eye permanently.

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I just had LASIK done not too long ago. I had the LASIK on one eye and the knife on the other, old school style. My vision is now 20/10 and I could not be happier. There is a reason why you have to make an hour long appointment to discuss candidacy. They will run you through an amazing array of machines to determine if you are able to get this done or not. Most people are able however I strongly urge you to check out the negatives involved with bad LASIK. Check your doctor wisely and travel to the best one if you don’t have one in your area. Remember that you most of the time will get what you pay for. I also recommend going one eye at a time, not both eyes at once. The vision medical advancements are getting better by the day. My surgery start to finish took only about 20 mins. Go get it checked out, it’s well worth $5,000.
I had my eyes done from the son of the founder of the Casey Eye Institute. They come with a garuntee, meaning if they go bad again in 20 years he will do them again for free which is a pretty good plan considering your eyes will not stay fixed forever.

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well I have no idea what the risks are when it comes to lasik, but what would a surgeon do if he messed up his eyes? that’s as vital as his hands. its like a singer getting their vocal cords replaced or something. If it works why take the risk? but I suspect it has more to do with the way it looks and personal preference.

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A lot of plastic surgeons don’t get facelifts, and many dentists don’t have perfect teeth…I think it’s a matter of personal preference.

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