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Do you think we will ever see more nudity and hear more cussing on broadcast television?

Asked by tinyfaery (43489points) December 21st, 2008

We can hear bitch and asshole, we can see buttocks, but so far, I think that’s it. Will American broadcast TV ever be like British or Canadian TV? Will it happen do to cultural change or profit? Just curious about your opinions?

As a supplement question, why do you think American TV is still so prudish?

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No. Too many prudes in this world. Go check out Askville if you don’t believe me. They now have made it impossible to cuss! Is that weird, or what?

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I know that it will get worse. Think about how it used to be—on I Dream of Genie they wouldn’t even let her show her belly button, and it’s turned into what we have today. That means that in ten or twenty years you will be able to show more than today. Keep going and in 100 years anything is fair game. Times change and people get numb to what they think is inappropriate. All you have to do is put it everywhere you possibly can so that people just get used to it because they’re forced to.

To answer the supplement question: maybe because we have such a high population who claim to be Christian, and somewhat hold to those moral values in the areas of language and sexual content. I really have no clue though.

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Boy, I hope so. I can’t afford the premium channels any more.

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In Sweden we think American censorship is a bit…well, childish kinda. For the last 20 years Sweden has experienced a huge change in what is being okay when it comes to nudity and bad language. Today you will hear all kinds of words in both TV and radio and there’s a lot of naked bodies rolling around in the hey on telly nowadays. We do have censoring when it comes to cinema and video, but I think the people working there are more or less without any work.

I don’t know what’s up with American media to be honest. Beeps when people says the F-word. Why? Everyone knows what the beep is for anyway and we are all perfectly good at reading lips. Kids today are raised in a technological world where porn and bad language is easily accessible at the Internet – what harm can a “fuck” do to anyone? I don’t get it :) But hey, I am Swedish! We are all blonde and love the free spirited sex! ^^

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I agree jazz. I think the beep actually makes the word come to mind much more than just hearing it, and having the word pass right through you along with all the other words.

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jazz, please understand – many of us Americans think American censorship is idiotic and childish too. It’s not just you…

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Things have already changed so dramatically and so quickly, I can only assume that’s going to continue.

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Yeah, I think we will. Lucy and Ricky couldn’t even be shown in a bed together. TV definitely lags behind real life, but it does get closer and closer to it.

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I think American authorities censoring words like ‘shit’ is a bit unreasonable, since you probably hear words a lot more offensive than that by just walking through the park. But even if they do relax the rules, I hope broadcasters won’t have swearing and nudity just for the sake of having swearing and nudity.

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Oh, I hope not.
American TV is “prudish,” as you say, because there are still lots of people out there who like decency.

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