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What did you take from Burn After Reading?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) December 21st, 2008

I think there was a lot to learn about ourselves, but I could be over analyzing. What did you get from it?

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Just a lark. Dumb people getting in over their heads.

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That attractive people playing ugly people isn’t that funny.

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That JK Simmons is one of America’s finest and most underrated character actors.

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I loved it. I just went into the cinema and bought a ticket without knowing anything about the movie, spent 10 minutes figuring out what it’s about, then the rest just amazed at how lucky I was (after all the junk I see from time to time). When it finished I really wanted to find out who directed it, and when the credits came…well, it all made sense. Cohen brothers, and would you expect anything but excellence?

Don’t read too much into it. Yes, it says that even the best plans can be laid to waste by some dumb fluke, but basically it’s one of these movies where you have to sit back and enjoy the intricately woven plot, the pace of the editing, the overall feel of it. At least that’s what I did. Good fun.

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A gross appreciation for John Malkovich. It was funny though, because Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt’s characters were mirror images of my friend Zach and me.

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IBER – I really think that deserved a major SPOILER warning before you gave away the ending.

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I huge disappointment. At least Brad Pitt was entertaining—he really should just be an exclusively character actor.

And I learned that I never, ever, ever, ever, want to be in a room alone with John Malkovich.

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@IBERnineD i realize the movie has been out for some time… but i still planed on seeing it….thanks -_ -

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Phenomenal! I absolutely loved that movie. The overall pointlessness of it made it one of the best movies this year. For the first time ever I walked out of the theater feeling as though I learned nothing at all from the characters and felt as though it took nothing from the movie.

And George Clooney’s fascination with flooring was priceless.

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[edited out spoiler]

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Sorry! I made a mistake and assumed the people reading the question had already seen it! True to the saying by assuming I made an ass of myself. I will take my previous entry down!

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wait I can’t but it was fixed! Thank you andrew.

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Oh good, I read this thread after the spoiler edit. ;)

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I watched it last night. Overall, I think it was just a funny film. But, if your searching for a deeper meaning, perhaps to justify the 2hrs of comical nonsense, then the answer may be in perception, greed and I’m sure an insult to the us government somehow.

I liked the movie, but really think it’s best enjoyed for what it is – a comedy of subtleties and great character development.

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The Brad Pitt is a better actor than I thought. And George Clooney really continues to be a great comic actor.

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What did I take? Two tums!

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It was hilarious. A lot of people didn’t see the humor in it but it was just too damn funny for me. I got a lot of laughs out of it, that’s what i got.

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A regret for time that I will never get back.

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