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What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word "Sweden"?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2598points) December 21st, 2008

Just curious :)

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The Pirate Bay. And bikinis.

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I think of delicious chocolate. And my best friend.

My friend is here right now for a year, that is, her “gap year” before college. I miss her.

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The Stranglers song Sweden.

Well, that and eating shrip-cheese-paste from a toothpaste tube (something I found in my friend’s refrigerator in Stockholm).

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The Swedish chef. Borka borka bork…

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Hooray, muppets!!

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Blondes also!

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I agree with JP. “You dumbass! Copyright laws of the United States don’t apply to us!” and other TPB things.

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Two things: a delicate tiny glass swan I bought at a glass factory, and have kept for the nearly forty years since, and the Wasa, which at the time, was still be preserved so it could be part of the exhibit. I think it was preserved the next year or so. Oh, and the snowy mountains up North, gazing across the border into Norway. There’s more. The hay barns on stilts. The churches. And chanting Sverige Riksbank over and over, just because we loved to say sveriye. Stop me. Stop me. You start the memories and they start pouring out, even after all these years.

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Envy of a sane place to live.

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Accomodating the Nazis

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Sexy times & meatballs. Not together.

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I immediately picture a blue and yellow flag.

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Clean lines of lovely furniture.

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Lief Erickson

Hüder düder düder!

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Lurve for the Swedish Chef, Laureth! Mmm, bork bork indeed.

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Blondes, good healthcare and quality of life for all.

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The bottle of Vodka we have in our pantry which has a Swedish flag, the word ‘svenska’ followed by text underneath saying ‘Swedish Vodka’. And then just in case that doesn’t tell you where the stuff is from, there’s polite writing at the very bottom which says ‘Product of Sweden’.


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Tom Green’s bum bum song

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Sweden? Money in the Bank

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Ikea. Then Swedish fish. Then herring.

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blonde pigtails. i used to be really good friends with this girl with blonde pigtails and she moved there a few years ago haha

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The first thing i think is, LIARS!!!

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@Goober….are you stalking me? Anyhoo, you’re funny :)

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Meatballs + IKEA.

Also, Fluther, let’s remember Sweden is not Switzerland. Wtf.

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I was going to say “saunas”, but realize that’s more common in Finland.
All Scandinavian countries seem to blend into one for me…

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Jokes. Neighbours, and bettes standard infrastructure even thouh they are a less wealthy country than Norway….

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Michael Brolin

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My new home

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100 Mbit limitless internet.

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@Resurge- REALLY?

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@shadling21 Well to be a 100% sure someone from Sweden should answer that of course :)
But on forums and news sites I frequent Sweden often gets named as the (European) country with ideal Internet and 100 Mbit is the speed that is often named.

So, what I know is pretty much only from hearsay, but when someone says Sweden, that’s what pops up in my mind.

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Well in the big cities it’s getting quite common with fiber connections. Cheap and fast. 100mbit might be rare, but I think 25–50mb up and down is more common. All for between $25–40 a month

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I think of one of the few nations in the world that seems to have gotten the balance better than most nations in regards to personal liberty and social equity.

Check out these stats

In addition to being socially progressive, what also comes to mind is the fact that, along with Denmark, Sweden is the least religious nation on Earth.

Also…fish, potatoes, caviar in a metal tube, blondes, the Swedish chef (who they think is Norwegian here in Sweden?), too few public toilets, beautiful lakes and forests, skiing, kite boarding, skating, refugees, anti-war, and a word for the inside of the elbow (armveck).

What more is there in life…

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Cold, sleet and unapproachable people. And snaps.

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Blondes :D

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