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What is the best mattress to buy for someone who has a bad back?

Asked by shenly (19points) November 17th, 2006
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For a long time, the general thought was "hard is good," but now that's being challenged.
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Personally, I had good experiences with Simmons Beautyrest, and almost as good support from an Ikea (free an fireproof chemicals)
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But I think the best thing to do is try beds, over night if possible, until you get a good night sleep sans pain
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Also, some people also swear by "memory foam" beds... I'd stop by FoamOrder in SF to try some good quality and cheaper-than-Temperpedic versions of these. If normal mattresses haven't been good to you, these might be worth a try.
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Ultimately, I'd say it's worth find a great one, because you spend about a third of your life in bed.
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Temperpedic, definitely. They are amazing.
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I think futons are really good for a bad back--if you get a good new futon.
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I agree on the issue that it's not really about the stiffness, it has to do with personal taste. I'm also a fan of the beautyrest.
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Though the way you sleep also has a lot to do with back alignment, as does your overall use during the day. How aware are you when you're awake about your alignment,use?
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Hey A, is that question for me, personally? I think I'm pretty aware, but I'm not always the kindest to my body. Like you, I've got the long neck thing going on and I think neck stuff can really affect the back--especially the lower back. I don't actually have problems at the moment, but thought this would be a great question for Fluther--and potentially useful for me in the future!! (let's hope not). Hey, congrats on the commercial!
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or if you're in new england.. a Boburpedic
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Any new mattress will provide better back support than your old mattress. The best mattress for a bad back is one that allows you to relax by being the most comfortable. At the mattress store, focus on your personal comfort. Many make the mistake of thinking “firm and hard” means the same thing as supportive. This could not be further from the truth.

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Check with your doctor and ask him for a recommendation.

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