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What human foods can you feed a terrier without getting it sick?

Asked by NYstateOfMind88 (76points) December 22nd, 2008

I’ll bet my small dog is so sick of the same dog food every day. What human food can it eat without vomiting/dying? All I know so far is carrots…maybe a little bit of peanut butter. What else?

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Rice is very good for dogs with weak stomachs. Mix in a little with their food. It helps with diarrhea.

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Not peanut butter of chocolate.

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Dogs can overdose on chocolate (it takes a fairly small amount) which can kill them… but why shouldn’t they eat peanut butter?

To the OP: My father use to buy ground chuck or ground turkey chuck and just cook it on the stove (in a skillet) and put it over his dog’s food. The dog would eat it like crazy but eventually the dog stopped eating his dog food and would bark to get people food. That’s a pretty bad situation. Dry dog food in his bowl and he’s barking at you to get some of your people food. Of course he’ll enjoy people food more but if he doesn’t know what he’s missing…

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don’t feed your dog human food.

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I gave my cocker small bits of leftover meat and gravy, pieces of cheese and pizza crusts in addition to his regular dog food. He loved it all, particularly the pizza crusts which hetreated like bones and tried to hide! He used to wait under the table while we were eating but start pacing and barkingif he thought we were done and it was time for him to get his.

I wouldn’t give too much people food but I think occasional treats are fine. (But definitely not chocolate.)

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My vet actually encourages us to supplement our dogs diet with people food. Nothing spiced or particularly fatty, especially since he has a sensitive stomach. When I make chicken, I keep some plain, same with beef. Rice, brown & white, steamed veggies, other grains. He loves strawberries & cantaloupe. His snacks are metamucil biscuits & peanut butter on carrots. He’s 8 years old, very lean and super healthy -so some thing’s working well. No grapes, chocolate, onions or garlic.

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@ bodyhead

Oh, I guess I meant nuts. I heard somewhere that peanutbutter was bad? Maybe I’m wrong.

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Ahh you probably do mean nuts. I’ve heard before that nuts aren’t good for dogs. Interesting fact: The peanut is not actually a nut. It’s closer to a pea then a nut and it’s considered a fruit. Link

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Yes I know that, being a health nut no pun intended. Potatoes are vegetables and pumpkins are fruit! pea and peanuts and nuts are in the legume family which is french for “vegetable”.

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Cheese. Rice. Eggs. Carrots. Strawberries, pumpkin, chicken, Never chocolate!!

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You can puree veggies for dogs… green beans, carrots, beets, pumpkin. Canned no salted varieties are easy.

I avoid giving mine wheat…

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