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Which colleges have great psychology departments? Early childhood development?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (8816points) September 10th, 2007
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my girlfriend got her masters degree in early childhood development from the erikson institute in chicago. they are supposed to be a very good school.

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Undergrad or grad school?

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I’ve heard Mills College has a strength in this area

I’ve also heard mention of several high-reputation programs in Chicago… not sure which…

I would recommend finding a faculty member at almost any college and asking him/her about the best departments in the field – they are very likely to know—another option could be asking a professional, if they know where the top people tend to graduate from

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i happen to just talk to my aunt, who works with this – she said, it really depends on the specialty, but mentioned: vanderbilt, stanford, univ of minnesota, iowa state laboratories, ann arbor, univ of chicago (years ago, maybe still)

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Can you narrow yr question down even further; is money an issue (state vs. private), size, urban vs. suburban or rural, cold, warm, near home, anywhere. Zina’s “ask a pro” advice is excellent. Often depts. ride on older reps; faculty come and go; as does status.

Successful adults have reported that their happiest academic experiences, according to a famous study done by Harvard, have three factors in common 1) a small school (<2000), finding a faculty mentor, and being in a community w. a value system ( such as the Quaker colleges – Swarthmore, Haverford, Earlham, etc. have.)

That’s just one study, and I can’t remember how “successful” was defined, but you get my point.

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I’m pretty sure I want to major in early childhood development and education and minor in either clinical psychology or child psychology.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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@gailcalled: Oops, forgot to answer your questions in my response above. Money is not so much an issue, fortunately, and I would like to stay in the U.S. but it is not necessary. One thing, however, is I would really NOT like to be in NYC.

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Try to narrow down your non-academic issues and then buy The Yale Daily News INSIDERS GUIDE TO COLLEGES.

You will find good tips by the present students on the departments they like. It is worth spending the money. Also, former education editor of the NYT, Edward Fiske, writes an excellent guide, but don’t know when the 2008 edition will come out.

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UC Berkeley has one of the best-known scientists in the attachment field, Mary Main. Her model of child attachment is well-respected and used by several specialist in the US. It’s such an interesting and exciting theory, mostly based on the early childhood years. Worth to check.

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