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What Treo should I get?

Asked by hossman (3266points) September 11th, 2007

I know very little about the various models now available, and I am looking for recommendations. Most importantly, I have heard Treo is likely to abandon Palm OS shortly. I like Palm, but if they are going to abandon it, I should get a Windows Mobile. What think ye?

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I guess a lot depends on your lifestyle and what you expect to get out of your phone.

For example, if you travel around the world a lot, I would recommend looking at the Palm-based Treo worldphone models (such as the 680 and the 650) since these are the ones that have quad-band as a feature—which is critical if you’re away from North America.

I know there are also Treo worldphone models that use Win Mobile, but I’ve not looked at those at all, because the thought of adjusting to Win Mobile after more than 6 years using the Palm OS fills me with dread.

The 680 in particular is interesting for me because it doesn’t have an antenna sticking out the top.

The only thing that’s stopping me from upgrading from my current Treo 600 to the 680 is the fact that the latter still doesn’t have wi-fi (actually none of the Treo phones do, as far as I know), although it does have Bluetooth.

I’m a lot less familiar with the product roadmap for the Palm OS, so I’m afraid I can’t give you any meaningful feedback there.

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Every consider a Blackberry over a Treo?

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I don’t know much about the Blackberry, except that its fans are frequently obsessive. My reason for sticking to Treo in the past was my case management software (which also does contacts and calendar) synced to Palm, although I believe the newest updates also sync to Blackberry. I have heard Blackberry is less functional as a phone than Treo, phone features are my primary use.

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If you have AT&T, you need to get an iPhone. $299 = 4GB.

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I’ve seen 3 reviews that list AT&T as the worst customer service of the providers. Anybody know anything about the “Iphone killers” Verizon says are coming out?

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