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Do or should teachers make more money if they double majored in college?

Asked by missjena (910points) December 22nd, 2008

Instead of taking one major like most people do I took two at once. Teachers salaries arent increased if you double major right? (ny state)

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not in ca, salaries are based on years of experience plus units taken after you get your degree

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I double majored, am a teacher, and don’t make any extra money because of it. Bummer. I wish I did.

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Would they do anymore work during a school day than a teacher who didn’t have a double major? I think not.

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Teachers should make more money, period.

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and how about those teaching double classes? Most don’t get paid any more either.

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@megan: I would pay good teachers a boat load more money. Until they decide to get rid of tenure then sorry, ya get what the collective earns. Period.

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@sueanne: Briefly, tenure doesn’t have anything to do with being a good or bad teacher or really, with pay. Tenure protects teachers, some good, some bad. So far, people have been unable to come up with a fair way to measure what a good teacher is.

I’m sticking with my original statement…

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No, tenure has nothing to do with a teacher being good or bad. However, good teachers get paid what bad teachers get paid and until a system is developed that rewards good teachers then, as a taxpayer, I say that teachers on the whole are paid just fine. It’s funny that every other profession seems to figure out ways to reward the good workers.

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i think teachers should just make more money in general.

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