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Is it legal to have electrical lines hung diagonally across my back yard?

Asked by JimBig (5points) September 11th, 2007

I live in Nassau Count NY and have power lines hung from the left rear of my property to the right rear of my house. I guess it’s about 18’ high but I’m afraid the kid’s will hit it with something. When a tree was there you could hardly see it, but now it’s the only thing visible when you look up.THANKS FOR ANY HELP!

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I have the same thing, only its about 10–12 feet. I guess its legal, just not well thought out by the home designer. I want to bury mine when I remodel.

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For you to do it? Probably illegal. For the utility company? Legal.

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It depends on the voltage, usually for typical home service, I needs to clear normal traffic.

i.e. – in your yard (foot traffic), I would say 11 foot minimum, across a street I think its about 14. However, if you are talking high voltage, it is considerably higher. Note: these are my guestimates but I think they are close to power company guidelines.

If you have any concerns, you should report it to your local power company ASAP. They are the most familiar with the guidelines in your state.

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