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Anyone in here a lomographer?

Asked by judochop (16104points) December 22nd, 2008

I own a green holga and the Diana F+. Anyone have any shooting tips? I am about to try a 20 minute exposure in the snow. Pinhole or not to pinhole, I guess that is the question.

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If I don’t know that word, I’m probably not one, am I?

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I guess I should post a link eh? (smacks self in head)

Check it out! The photos you get from all the cameras are little different than most. Some leak light, others vigenette, some take really fuzzy pics..You never know what your gonna get.
I was hoping to run into someone with more knowledge on the subject than I. I should also add that I want to do this night shot in the snow with 200 color fuji film.

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So it’s using Russian cameras to take retro-looking snapshots of, well, pretty much everything? Kinda cool!

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The only time I’ve heard the word was in an earlier question

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judo, can you post some of yours from tonight?

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I also would be curious to see them, Judo.

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I will post em. Lemme fist take them, develop them and then scan em in. Gimme a couple of days. Cheers all!

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First. Not fist. stupid iPhone

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Here is a sample of shots I take if anyone wants to spend a minute or two. These are nothing great. I don’t even use Flickr anymore. I uploaded a few tonight so you could all see.

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I still don’t get it :S.

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I just realized that I didn’t do a followup post here. Judochop, I think your shots look real cool. I just wanted to let you know.

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Yeah nice photos. I looove cats but my favorite one is the ladybug close-up.

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Nice pics! These are all Diana or Holga?

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