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What's the cheapest/quickest way to Boston from NYC?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) September 11th, 2007

Preferably via train.

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Try the lucky star or travel pack bus; also known as the “china-town. It goes from South Station in Boston to Penn Station NYC in about 4 hours. They run every hour and cost $15.

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thanks much.

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there is another “chinatown” bus that I think is called the Fung-wah bus. If you google chinatown bus you’ll find it. Train is a lot more comfortable but the only way to do it is Amtrak which is a LOT more expensive than the bus. Greyhound/PeterPan will also have competing cheaper prices—though in my experience there is virtually no difference between the established brands and the chinatown bus lines…

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except that the chinatown buses FLIP OVER and EXPLODE randomly. It may be cheap, but is it worth your safety? Some of the companies make you sign a waiver so you cant sue them if you get injured. Its mad whack.

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Make sure that Amtrak starts in Boston; otherwise it could be hours late. There are dozens of colleges and Universities in the area. Try Craig’s and see whether you can get a ride.

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Having taken Fung Wah really frequently from Boston to New York, I never had to sign a waiver, the bus never flipped over. It did once take seven hours, but thats another story. And its great from Boston because its in South Station, unlike in New York where you wait for the bus on the street.

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Hi all, thanks for all the help… for future reference to all, I found out that Greyhound offers great online deals for trips to and fro NYC and Philly, Boston, and DC all for the same price as the Chinatown busses. I took a $15 Greyhound from Port Authority to South Station in 4 hours.

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