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Can you gain Security Clearance with the government if your spouse has it?

Asked by squirbel (4297points) December 23rd, 2008

My husband-to-be has Top Secret clearance. Once we are married, will it be simpler for me to gain Security Clearance of any level? [I’m thinking lower levels.]

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I’m not sure if it get any easier to get a clearance. But when I applied for my clearance, they wanted to know a lot about my immediate family and grandparents. So I’d imagine him having one can’t do any harm to you getting it. But I’m not sure it would make it simpler or quicker. I think they have to process everyone the same way, regardless of family having clearance or not.

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I would think that it wouldn’t make it more likely that you would be granted clearance just because he has it, but will make it easier to check “spouse” off the possible risk list. You will probably be checked out too as relates to his clearance.

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I’d agree with jholler on that. The investigation is still all about you, but it will make it easier for them to investigate your husband since they already did his investigation. Other than that though, I would imagine they will have to do the whole thing over again from scratch, even talking to the same family and friends as they did for your husband’s investigation, but this time asking about you.

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You will not be allowed security level clearance on any level. The closest your going to get to that without his job is sleeping next to him.

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So you’re saying that a spouse cannot apply for clearance?

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I guess I don’t really know if you can apply. I do no this though. My cousin works for the FBI and his wife is always complaining about how they can’t talk about work.

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I assumed you are pursuing a clearance as part of your job… You can’t just randomly ask for a security clearance just so you can talk to your spouse about work. Getting a security clearance is extremely expensive which is why a lot of ex-military can get high paying jobs when they get out just because of their security clearance even if they don’t have tons of schooling or experience. Companies would rather pay to train a person with a clearance rather than pay for a person with training to get a clearance.

I can’t talk to my wife about my job and there is no way to change that unless she got the same job and had a “need to know”.

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Ah, this isn’t about talking about work.

This is about me, and getting a well-paying government job.

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I see now. No, you’re only going to be granted a clearance if you have “need to know”, and that will only come with employment. You’ll have to get hired first.

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Some people marry for love, some marry for security clearence. Who knew?

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Some people marry for love, some marry for security clearence. Who knew?


Your humor is lacking.

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StellarAirman is correct. Your spouse’s security clearance will have little or no bearing on your ability to get a clearance. The background investigations that are required to grant these clearances are very expensive. I beleive a SECRET level clearance costs the government (or a private company that contracts with the government) about $10,000. A TOP SECRET clearance runs in the $40,000 range. Not only are the clearances very expensive, but they take a long time to process. A TOP SECRET often takes over a year to be adjudicated (finalized).

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First off, if your spouse really does have “top secret” Clearance. and had todo you so, that is a breach of authority. assume he does have that clearance, only He,himself has access to that area, you however do not have clearance. Second Off, with Top Secrete he is limited to information, now the question i ask you is, is Your Husband on the Need-to-know Clearance, You must also beaware of the fact that anyone on levels of top secret or one of the 38 levels above top secret, the person(s) are limited, any information leaked would threaten national secretely so its usually unlikely that anyone with restricted information would tell. when you sign for top secret or above, you sign (i believe its called) the 10–10 agreement, 10 year perison term and a 10 hundred thousand dollar fine, for divulging any information presented. I sure hope this helps with your question

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