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Rewiring digital clocks to make them run faast? (eg- make 24 hours go by in 24 minutes)

Asked by seeweed (1points) December 23rd, 2008

I want to make a sprinkler timer do 5minute intervals but they all only have programs like every 4 hours at the most… alternatives like arrays of mosfet relays are expensive and must be hand-made. is it feasable to mod the circuits that comprise the (quartz?) time-controllers in todays electronics?

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Not really. The levels of integration are too high to allow any user modification.

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Have you checked out Grainger for the parts you need?

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My first hunch would be “not really”—they usually use some sort of hard-wired oscillator, though you might be able to read chip numbers off, Google up a datasheet, change a resistor value somewhere, and fix it up.

Much easier, though, would be to just make your own circuit. If you’re willing to buy and take apart a sprinkler timer, why not do the same thing for not a lot of money with a 555 timer and a mechanical relay? Here’s a link as an example.

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