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Anyone want to recommend some good snowboarding gear?

Asked by judochop (16114points) December 23rd, 2008

My wife and I are buying all new stuff this season. We are pretty savvy on what we want but I know there is more out there than what I have tried, seen or read about. Can you please suggest stuff from board, to bindings, boots and gear. We are both steep riders, I enjoy the park but not as much as I love whizing through the trees.

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I have a nice pair of burton boots that have been worn once—before I realized that they were really too small for me. What size are you?

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Judo, Aren’t you supposed to be letting that scar heal, rather than whizzing through the trees?

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Haha. Yes Gail, I over did it last night by playing a little to hard and helping get a car unstuck from the snow. I almost ended back at the hospital today when I awoke I had split my side open…...Ugh.
Andrew I am a size 11.5

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Drat. Too big.

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Nothing beats trying stuff for yourself. There are some indoor artificial slopes where you can try out all the boards and bindings before you buy like Milton Keynes in England.

You have also let us know what is most important for you. For example I hear burton boards are good but crack/chip/break really easily so usually last only 1 season whereas Salomon boards are a lot more durable so if you want one to last a few seasons they might be better value for money.

Becareful of instore advice as magically it seems whatever they have in stock is always the best :)

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Well, I am an all mountain rider that lives in Oregon. I ride wet snow mostly unless I get to Bend to ride the fluff. I head to Whistler and am headed to Aspen and Breckenridge this winter as well for some riding. Mostly the snow is smooth unless I ride late in the year or in the summer on the glacier so chips and cracks don’t mean much to me.
I am not much of a Burton all mountain board fan. I am leaning more towards the Arbor Coda board in a 161. There boards have a ton of camber to them and their edges are there in almost any conditions. I don’t usually spring for top of the line bindings because I think if you spend a little more on boots you can make up for it and not have to spend as much on the footing. The only time I am going to leap is if there is a drop on a slope. If I ride in the park I hit the pipe, not the tabletops or rails. I like trees so I need something that cuts fast, rides good in fluff (often in the trees there is deep, deep snow) and then does not chatter on the packed snow.
As for new gear to remain comfortable and dry I am looking for the first time at a one piece. Makes more sense to me….
I have never rode Salomon but I have heard good things.
I’m getting older so I don’t run as many risks as I used to so I probably won’t be looking for a new board for another few years. I have never broken a board, I have cracked a couple but one was from a bad drop the other was from trying to show off in the moges.
I could not agree more with the instore advice thing. If it’s there then they are gonna say it rules. If they make more money from that company for selling more of them, they are gonna push it. I always do my homework but like you mentioned, it would be killer to be able to ride it first.

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