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Why does Christmas make everyone crazy?

Asked by tyrantxseries (4722points) December 23rd, 2008

I went to the Hospital at around noon today, it took my 20–25 minutes to get there, I left the hospital at 3:30 and it took me 2 and a half almost 3 hour to get home!!!!!!

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Stress, expectations, fruit cake, who knows!

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its definitely the fruit cakes

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My mother’s fruitcakes make people happy. They are so soaked in alcohol that a slice makes you slightly buzzed.

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Unrealistic expectations of friends and family, too much money spent on gifts, and the annual disappointment that we can manage peace for one day and no more.

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Money, the push for materialism, family, stress. It all adds up to one holly jolly hell hole… I will be keeping heavily sedated this Christmas… yay for alcohol!

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Shopping. Gifts. Not knowing what gifts to get. Walking through crowded stores. Noise. Hearing the same Xmas song too many times. Confusing sales offers with lots of small print. Waiting on lines. Spending money. Or leaving the store empty handed. And going to the next store.

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on Dec 23rd, 2 days before Christmas that 3000 people didn’t know it was coming???

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I’m among those 3,000. I find the pattern of expectation overwhelming, but I find it depressing to relinquish any of it. My family is small, and my kids like the traditions.

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Not knowing whether Santa’s going to leave a stocking full of coal for ya….

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Too much stimulation. Ack!

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Personally, it’s the traffic that makes me crazy. No, for real.

On the other hand, I’ve found most people to be really nice – much more than usual, the last few weeks. I ended up going to the grocery store 3 times today (LONG LONG STORY, ugh) and people were so courteous to move their carts out of the way or to say, oh, no you go first. it made me so happy i almost forgot about the traffic…until i went back to my car…sigh…

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It has a lot to do with the commercialization of almost all the festivals around the world.

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