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Windows XP SP2: Problems with attrib.exe

Asked by michaelparisi (1points) September 11th, 2007

Every time I start my computer, I get an error message that says Windows is unable to find “Attrib.exe” in my C:\Windows\system32 file. And the file is indeed missing, but how do I fix this? What is the purpose of that file?? My computer seems to working fine without it, but how do I restore the file so that I can stop getting that error message??


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Attrib.exe is a small program included with DOS and Windows. It allows you to view and change the attribute settings of files. All files have certain attributes. Those attributes are Archive, Hidden, System and Read Only. Normally you don’t have to worry about the attributes settings but occasional you may need to repair something or remove it. While googling i found that some malware cloak themselves as “attrib.exe”

If ths is indeed a missing registry error then you need to install freeware program called CCleaner and run the “ISSUES” tool in ccleaner to solve this problem

If the problem still persists you might have to manually delete this attrib.exe from registry using “regedit” but i would recommend it to advanced users only

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