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Beatles/Across the Universe movie fans: What is your favorite clever Beatles reference within the film?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8273points) December 23rd, 2008

For example, even though the song Get Back is never played, the guitarist’s name is JoJo, referencing the guy mentioned in the song. There are references like this all throughout the film… what are some of your favorites? Which ones were you proud of yourself for catching? Which ones were way too obvious? Which ones were hidden very well? Did you predict any of them?

Bonus lurve for rewatching the movie just for my question!

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“For all I know you killed your granny with a silver hammer.”
And later when Max(well) is holding a silver hammer.

“Where’d she come from?”
“She came in through the bathroom window.”

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He says something in the beginning about “When he’s 64”

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i loved the bathroom window one, and the when i’m 64 one. a lot of them were glaringly obvious, but i really liked the way they put all of those references into the movie. [=
haha i think i will rewatch it later, it’s been awhile.

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yeah they were all pretty obvious i would say I have only seen it once and so far I have noticed everything posted on here. Decent flick though…

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I agree with @tiffyandthewall and @asmonet > Prudence coming through the bathroom window.

PS – I love that movie. It’s definitely in my top 5

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sadie sings the song “helter skelter” a lot… its like her main jam.. and one of charles manson aka helter skelter’s people in his cult was named sadie and she played a big role in his organizations so i thought it was clever that they named the character sadie

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