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About how much would it cost to Mail a 62cm Road bike from California to New York?

Asked by peoplefood (29points) September 11th, 2007

I am considering using USPS/UPS/FEDEX to have my bike mailed out to me, but I have no idea how much it might cost. Anyone have any idea?

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Depends on 1) whether you can take it apart and box it yourself, and 2) is it just frame and fork, or the complete bike? A bike shop will generally charge about $25 to take it apart, and I’m guessing it costs around $50 to ship it. Check out ebay and see how much people are charging for shipping complete bikes.

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Check this out if you need to disassemble your bike:

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fedex has a specific bike package with a specific rate, just google it

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Yeah, I looked into this once and I think it was between $50 and $100 if your bike is small enough to fit in a special bike box (my huge recumbent wasn’t). You might also try DHL.

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