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Ghost are they real or fake?

Asked by daryashee (3points) December 24th, 2008

real or fake GOT TO KNOW

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i’ve seen them before around my house, so they’re real to me.

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When science can prove their existence, I’ll believe. Until then, no such thing.

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Fake…as far as I know. I’m a very factual person. Until I see one, they’re fake.

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That’s not a very easy question to answer. I’ve never seen one myself so I can’t say for sure if they exist or not. I’ve had family members say they’ve seen one and I’m not about to call them liars but again, since I have no eyewitness experience, I’m unsure.

I’ve seen all kinds of documentaries that ‘show’ images caught on video or in pictures and all kinds of paranormal sounds and activities but I don’t know if that is entirely conclusive. I’d like to believe they exist and I’d really like to see one someday to confirm my suspicions but for now, I’d have to say it all comes down to someone’s individual perceptions and/or beliefs and/or experiences if they are real or not.

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Real or not, this video is pretty freaky. Especially the end.


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I believe ghosts exist otherwise my ghost hunting escapades would be no fun!

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Show me legitimate irrefutable proof then we’ll talk.

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They’re one of those things, like God or supply-side economics. Some people feel they have proof and believe, other people see no such proof and will not believe.

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I’ve had some very odd “experiences”, but I can’t say they were ghosts. I’m sure many people have had things happen that gave them goosebumps but couldn’t explain them one way or the other.

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I highly doubt it, and it would take a hell of a lot to change my mind.

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I believe in them. If not ghosts, then for sure spirits of some kind. I’ve seen one.

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Well, I’ve seen a ghost and I’ve felt the presence of dead spirits. As for everyone who is waiting for science to prove the existence of ghosts, science didn’t prove the existence of atoms until at least a thousand years after their existence was first postulated. People called Democritus crazy because they couldn’t see atoms, but he thought they were there.

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Real. No doubt in my mind. None.

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They are called ghosts by secular world but they’re really fallen angels (demons) in disguise of passed away loved ones and/or friends.

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@seven so then all “ghosts” are evil?

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maybe i’m young and gullible but i believe in spirits. i don’t know a lot about them and i haven’t had a lot of experience with them, but i do believe in them to some extent, for sure.

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Real! Seen one!

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@seVen: [citation needed]

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I believe that there is more than meets the eye to the world around us, and I’m looking forward to a day when science can help us understand what it is. Then perhaps we can distinguish between actual “events” and those that are just the product of overactive imaginations or scammers.

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Ghost are nothing more then mental projection. You want to see them, you will. Amazing what the mind will do once a rumor gets started.

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Um, gotta disagree with ya ChazMaz! There’s no way in heck I wanted to mentally project what I experienced!!!

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But, that is just what you did!!!

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@ChazMaz If I could do that there’d be a brunette holding a pizza sitting on my lap right now!!!

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Only reason that is not happening is because you dont have to confidence to get that. THAT is just another form of mental projection. But, fanticy is so much easier to materlize then reality. Reality takes REAL skills. No disrespect to you. It seems you are more goal oriented finding ghosts then brunets with pizza’s.

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