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Is Santa too fat?

Asked by Blondesjon (33984points) December 25th, 2008 from iPhone

Is it really healthy for a man Santa’s age to be carrying around all those extra pounds, especially during the stress of the Holidays? Is it perhaps time that we began leaving St. Nick celery sticks and rice cakes instead of calorie laden cookies? Does Mrs. Claus bear any of the blame with her enabling?

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No. He’s fluffy!

Don’t you pull a Cookie Monster on Santa. I’ll find you.

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You’re right – he doesn’t look healthy. However, rather than being made of fat and muscle and bone tissue like the rest of us, he is actually made of pure hope. Hope is pretty fluffy, so Santa weighs about 5 pounds.

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Is this question really fair? Is it?

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Try eating fried latkas and donuts for 8 straight days and see how slim you are! Oi vei!

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props to santa, it’s definitely not a fair question haha.
santa travels around the entire world in one night without needing to be asked. he can be fat if he wants to.

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well if I was immortal and lived in a place as cold as the north pole, I would imagine I would eat what ever I felt like eating too.

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You try surviving in the North Pole with nothing to your body but flesh and bones.

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what? If Santa was standing infront of you naked you would see that, that fat is all muscle. In the off season he trains Mr. Universe. Hello, he can lift a 334643677856755lbs. Bag of gifts! Jeesh!

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…plus he can fit through the chimney and even the central heating pipes apparently. So he can’t be that fat.

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I think Santa’s sexy ;-)

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@syz- mmm… that’s finger lickin’ good!!

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We hired Santa to come to a Christmas party at our airplane hanger once. He flew in, in a small plane but we were worried about him! He could barely get in or out of the plane and my husband (the pilot) said that after we finally got him in he pulled out an inhaler! We were worried we were going to kill Santa in front of all those Children!!

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I’m sure he’s got a six pack under all of those clothes.

I’d love to see Santa with his shirt off.

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Wow, what has become of fluther?

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@90s: There have been far weirder, dirtier, nastier threads. I’d link you some proof but I think some lawmakers told me I can’t contribute to the delinquency of a minor.

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asmonet, I don’t think you get my lurve points anymore, but you should.

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kisses, you’re right. I don’t. I think I will now cry in a corner.

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I’ll hold you. No worries.

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We’re here for you!

Actually, what I heard was Santa has to carry around A LOT of reindeer treats with him and he carries them inside his coat. (Reindeer HATE frozen treats!) Santa probably does have that six-pack Spargetti mentioned!!!

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Asmonet was right, this is the cookie monster argument all over again. No, Santa does not convey a message of health to society, but that’s not the point! He exists to be a symbol of the spirit of the holiday and the idea that we should cherish what we have with the people around us. He’s not supposed to be a role model, just a helpful reminder. Plus, who else do you know that can pull off a look like that? If we start forcing all these interesting little quirks of society to conform to this same mold of what’s “ok” so that they’re not “controversial”, where does that leave us?!

I’m sorry if I come off as worked up, but I was a really big Cookie Monster fan!

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@Foolaholic. You asked “who else do you know that can pull off a look like that?” I give you, exhibit A, Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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I guess so, but by “the look” I was kinda incorporating the beard and red outfit…

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@foolaholic…you are aware that the red suited, fat Santa look was created by the coke company at the turn of the century to coincide with the description of Santa in “Twas the night before Christmas” since it was such a huge smash…aware of it or not, arguing for Santa’s current look is suckling at the corporate teat…and I LOVE the cookie monster! The comparison is apples and oranges.

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Really, this isn’t fair to Santa. He most likely has metabolic syndrome, and so, making fun of his fatness is making fun of his health. He has the trunkal obesity, and judging by his need to eat cookies all night long, probably diabetes as well. As for the rest of the syndrome, only Santa’s doctor can tell for sure, and he/she would be bound by Dr.-patient priviledge.

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I never get into detail on if Santa has “metabolic syndrome”. What happened to the spirit of Christmas?

But yea he looks like an apple.

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Ah, leave the jolly fat man alone. He just lost his job for another year and he’s still jolly.
Of course, that may be because he knows where all the naughty girls live.

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I bake fantastic cookies, just sayin’ Santa.

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