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My iPod touch (1st gen) says No Wi-Fi, in the Settings!

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) December 25th, 2008

I have 2.2 and I’ve tried restoring the network settings and restoring from iTunes. I’m on my home wireless right now, so it isn’t like there are no networks available. What should I do next?

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I just restored it again, and it doesn’t say No Wi-Fi anymore, it just says not connected. Then when I go to the Wi-Fi settings, it gets stuck on Choose a Network…(with the circle twisting and twisting but finding nothing). On my Mac’s airport there’s my network and about three others, and the iPod can’t find them).

If I manually enter the name and WEP key of my home network, it gets stuck there too.

I think something happened when I upgraded to 2.2. I had 1.9 or something like that, and that’s when this problem first started. I could see the networks, but not connect t them. Then I was like hey here’s an update on iTunes, so I did it. Then it wouldn’t even find any networks (just gets stuck). Everything else works fine.

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Aha! Progress has been made. After my next restore, all the networks showed up. I chose mine, entered the password, and it gave me a litle check mark. But the signal strength never showed up in the corner. I backed out of the settings and it said Not Connected. I went back into the settings and it wouldn’t find any networks and got stuck on Choose a Network… again.

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And after the fifth restore it works…any suggestions on what might have gone wrong are very welcome bc I just wasted 4 hours trying to figure it out. Before I did this last restore, I spent about 5 seconds shaking my iPod out of anger until I started laughing at myself. I am very sure this is how the problem got fixed LOL

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Well, seems like you can handle it by yourself…

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2late I wish I could say you were right but The Weather Channel app just tried to get my current location then I was kicked off the internet and it’s doing the same thing again! What is wrong with this thing?!

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I am now at a different locale. I tried to connect to the network, and it stayed connected for a good 20 seconds! Then it goes away and won’t find the networks anymore. Back to the same old problem!

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Suggestion: Run screaming to the Apple store asap. I can’t find anything online and considering how many times you’ve restored, it sounds like a failure with the network (which is unlikely because your computer is connected) or a hardware failure in the iPod. Maybe the Wi-Fi antenna has gone haywire.

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