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Is Christmas just a regular day at home for you this year?

Asked by vanelokz (423points) December 25th, 2008 from iPhone

it seems to be that there wasn’t that much hype this year about Christmas. Personally, this holiday felt like a regular day to me, nothing much to celebrate.

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Yeah we had family here earlier in the month and had our tree up then and did a couple of presents. We took the tree down before they had even left, so it’s very much a normal day for us. Of course it’s been that way ever since I was passed like 15 for me… It was great when I was little though.

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yep, all the holidays are pretty normal here, except excess food, but all the rest is the same, well.. okay maybe we are a little more lazy those days but yea we don’t get dressed up or anything lol.

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I’ve spent the entire day doing spring cleaning. Just another day…..

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Yeah, not very Christmas-like for me at all. Not doing anything special with family or anything. I was going to hang out with a friend who’s on leave from the Coast Guard but I’m probably not even doing that now. It’s ironic because this is the snowiest Christmas I’ve ever seen, but whatever.

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It’s been like that ever since I stopped being a kid. :)

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This question/your answers are depressing me!
It’s Christmas!

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Nope! I got 2 DVDs yesterday, watched one, didn’t do any work today (probably first time in 3–4 months), cooked a big meal from scratch (a very rare occurance) and now I’m negotiating with myself to get off the sofa to go soak in the bath with the bubblebath stuff I got yesterday…..a pretty unusual and nice day!

[edit]: I should add; no it doesn’t feel like my childhood Christmas…’s far far better! Relaxed day of cosy comfort and indulgance :)

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I think a lot of the “Christmas excitement” is generated by and for children. It’s pure magic for them, what with Santa and the presents and all that.

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it hasn’t felt like christmas for me since i was a really young kid, even after i stopped believing in santa. i kind of miss it. /=

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It wasn’t very Christmas-y but that’s because I didn’t have any family around. I was pretty bummed, and now I’m at work… so that bums me out even more. Thanks for reminding me. Sheesh!! (kidding)

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Yes, except I open a coupla presents.

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It’s Christmas- the day I celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Very special.

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I thought Jesus was born in the spring… I never got that.

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@krose——it is Spring in other parts of the world, including Australia, where I am celebrating Christmas this year.

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Well, I mean month wise. I’m not up to date with the Jesus facts but I know he wasn’t born on Christmas.

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The fact that Christmas is supposed to be really fun or whatever makes it that much of a letdown. I had a good time going out with friends to eat and everything, but there is a lot that is pretty fucked up with my life right now, so it doesn’t exactly balance. If it was any other day of the year it would’ve been a fine day, but for some reason I’m only further depressed.

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I agree with cdwccrn

Jesus is born!

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@krose1223: More than likely Jesus was born in the Spring. Originally, December 25th was a paegan holiday involving a feast. It became very popular while Christianity was in a bit of a rutt (“membership” wise). So around 800AD, the church decided to hijack the holiday and began promoting it as Jesus’ birthday. Needless to say, it worked.

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Heck No?! We had 2 more grand babies this year than last year! I think Christmas wil get funner and funner for the next several years!

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But what I don’t get is that if Mary was conceived on the 8th, then how was He born on the 25th? I don’t know but the Bible is said to be incorrect scientifically but I still believe in it.

And I always thought of Christmas Season as a fall thing because it is mostly in fall (except 5 days). Regardless of if it snows or not, it is still fall in the calendar in my noggin.

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@90’s: the December 8th “feast of the immaculate conception” was when Mary Herself was thought to be conceived, with her nativity following 9 months later on 8 September. (At least, that’s what Wikipedia says.)

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@90s_kid: As laureth said, Dec. 8th is when Mary is thought to be born. The naming of the day is confusing (Feast of the Immaculate Conception).

And yes, the bible is incorrect scientifically. Some folks see it as stories written by people trying to “find god” (metaphors, parrables, etc.). Others take it more literally as the “word of god”.

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I didn’t say that, actually.

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@laureth: Oops, sorry. “conceived”, not “born”. I mis-typed.

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