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What is the most bizarre thing you have ever eaten?

Asked by electricsky (825points) December 25th, 2008

For me it was when my grandma, in a spurt of insanity, decided to mix all of the leftovers (and other assorted things) in her refridgerator and serve it to us in a nice glass bowl. It included: cranberries, V8 juice, lima beans, mayonaise, orange juice, noodles, carrots, salad, potato salad, cabbage, garlic, spinach, ketchup, mustard, cooked carrots and other things I’ve probably blocked out because of the trauma.

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Is a booger considered exotic?

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Giraffe burgers in Kenya, roasted dog on a stick in Thailand, cat tacos in Tijuana, fish brain tacos in San Clemente, and a tarantula roasted with the muzzle blast from an M60 on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base.

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I once had a buffalo steak before I stopped eating meat.

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crocodile in a hotel in mombasa, tough and nasty

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Hey, a hotel in Mombasa was where I had giraffe!

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Frog’s legs. Alligator and prawn dumplings. Pumpkin ravioli.
All awesome.

electricsky, I can’t even imagine the trauma that must have caused…

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cow tongue…poor cow

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@ jholler
poor cat!!!!
I know someone in my family who eats tarantulas (it’s a delicacy glazed with honey to papua new guineans!).
I have eaten…turkey heart/gullet (and possibly the brain). Not during Thanksgiving, one day my grandfather asked me I’m like “whatever”. It was gross.

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one of those big fat green worms you find on tomato plants…if grass had a place where poop comes out than tomato worms taste like that general area…the grasshole if you like :)

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Curried goat a friend made.
Live scorpion in Beijing.
Wild boar in a red sauce.
Lamb’s brain at my inlaws.

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…all of everyone’s answers are so disgusting I don’t even have a comment.
reading this could be like a weight loss program.

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Did I mention that the booger wasn’t mine?

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@astrochuck: kay now you’ve triggered anorexia.

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I’d have to go with this meal. It was the first time I had an entire meal of only sushi. I took a picture to remember how someone could make a meal look like a piece of art. It was pretty tasty too =)

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On one of my first trips to Hong Kong (where I was born) alone I stayed with a family that live in more of a rural area. We went out to eat and had two of the most revolting things I can remember:

Steamed fish intestine in egg – A pot of steamed egg all soggy was streaked with grey and brown from the extracted intestines of some poor fish cooked all together. It tasted like that butcher shop smell left to rot in dirt. I was told this was very special because it takes a lot of work to extract the intestine from the fish maybe because the digestive tract of fish was never meant to be taken out and eaten.

Chicken testicles – The worst part was they played this sadistic ‘game’ with me making me eat this before making me guess. I figured it out just as I bit into the sac. The taste is actually not horrible but conceptually it’s gross enough and definitely mind over matter here. Very rubbery, almost like eating a small balloon packed with meat.

Did I mention this was part of the hot pot so they were presented raw and we had to cook it ourselves in the broth. Which meant we had to cook everything in the broth that had cooked the chicken balls. Good job, hot pot.

The good thing is that nothing I’ve ever seen in the restaurants in Toronto, Canada ever phase me.

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Cat food. Gimme a break, I was 5.

I saw what I thought I was a raisin on the floor. I liked raisins. I didn’t care it was on the floor. I ate it. It wasn’t a raisin. It was cat food. Bleeeeeeechhhhhhh. The end.

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when I was little I used to eat dog food and dog treats… I liked them until someone said they had random parts of random animals in them. even at the age of 7 I realized that sort of vague statement was an indicator that I shouldn’t be eating them anymore, lol.

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@RandomMrdan: That’s my dinner 2 nights a week!
In no particular order; at an Asian market I ate a cricket coated in some sort of chili pepper, in Mexico I had a taco made with iguana meat, in Moorea I had raw fish soaked in chili sauce (think spicy seviche), and in Texas I had grilled snake. The worst might have to be the Black Pudding I had in Ireland, that was nauseating! Haggis in Scotland really made me want to never eat again. Then again in comparison, we eat scrapple and hot dogs those are probably as yucky as anything you could find elsewhere. I guess it’s all what you’re accustomed to.

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Ever seen one of those episodes of Unwrapped where they show you behind the scenes at a Hot Dog factory. Two words: liquid meat.


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I really should correct my answer above to read ” comparison, some people eat hot dogs…”. I find them to be downright scary. But raw fish, I’m all over that! Sensibility at it’s finest.

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This is not a thread to read before eating. Or after. Or during.

I want to add to my list the ant that I accidentally ate when I was a kid.

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I went to a primitive survival workshop for a weekend once. We learned how to do things like harvest reeds and make baskets, and chip obsidian into tools. For the big dinner, we dug a pit, put rocks in and lit a fire for a while. When the rocks were good and hot, we put in a bunch of grass and then the edibles – some wild roots we’d dug up, the forequarter of a deer that a hunter brought along, and some woodchuck and muskrat. The pit was then filled in and the food allowed to bake/roast for hours.

The latter two meats are my strange-food story.

Stringy, gamey, not that good… unless you’re really really hungry.

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@ trustinglife
Same story happened to me, but I thought it was chocolate because my dad was making chocolate.
One time when I was young I ate my cat’s crackers and they actually weren’t that bad. (I was a toddler).

I used to eat inch worms as a delight——they are really tasty you should try. They have a potent taste like a leaf but in the same way meaty.

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Ooh I forgot ‘red tofu’ which is not as gross/exotic as some of the other dishes but still pretty unpleasant – pig’s blood that’s been congealed and cut into cubes (sort of looks like red tofu).

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The oddest I’ve had was kangaroo. I’ve had wild boar, elk, antelope, alligator but the Kangaroo was the weirdest tasking, I think.

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@ cprevite
that’s why I don’t eat hot dogs. And that is also why people think that they are low class. I don’t eat red meat in general, but partially the reason is because of mad cow disease

@artificial lard

I am scarred for life.

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@90s_kid Scarred you for life? Try living through it. Fear Factor gots nothin’ on me.

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I explained why I hated red meat because of MCD, but also because just knowing I am eating blood scares me. Though I am not one of those people who faints when they see blood, but seeing it on a piece of meat makes me woozy. Don’t know why.
andother reason is because of those damn fat parts

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Fried grasshopper – tasted like popcorn, not exciting.
Grasshoppers coated in sweet soy sauce – very good, tasty snack.
Pellet fish food – reminded me of very cheap chips.

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Blythebay !!!!!!!!! Haggis is awesome, and black pudding with an egg and bacon in a sandwich is sooooooooooo nice!

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and actually for pure nastiness, nothing beats unflavoured grits – wallpaper paste. my husband loves em.

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Suse: That’s hysterical because I adore grits! And as for a black pudding sandwich, why thank you for the description, but I think I’ll pass on that delicacy.

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@90’s – but you eat blood when you eat chicken, too. You know when meat runs pink? Blood – whether it’s beef or bird.

However, the “mad cow” and “fatty part” reasons you state are two of the good reasons I prefer to eat pasture-fed animals. They’re not eating brains and spinal cords, so less disease risk, and they’re also leaner.

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@ suse


had to let that out sorry. :)

@ laureth
But it doesn’t show as much, especially when it is dry. Honestly, it is a big psychological thing——but it is a good excuse.

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Once in a cajun restaurant I had chili with rabbit, snake and alligator in it. because it was chili, it tasted like chili, not rabbit, snake and alligator.

when i was little my grandmother, who was czechovslovakian, used to boil bones and we would pull out the marrow and eat it on a ritz cracker. it tasted like congealed beef. it was good.

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i just ate goat in an indian restaurant.

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