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Asked by Fallstand (1130points) September 12th, 2007

I have a mac and when I look at my pictures I first look at them in preview and whenever I want to edit I drag it over to photoshop.. But when it comes up in photoshop the colors are more saturated then what they look in preview.. is there a setting a might have activated that could be doing this? I dont remember it always looking like this..

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Could be your Proof setup under the View menu or your Color Settings under the Edit menu.

Also, Preview may be using the an alternative color profile as to the embedded color profile that Photoshop is using.

In addition, the color profile of your monitor may be actually giving you an under-saturated look, while Photoshop is using a different color profile that is correct.

Have you ever calibrated your monitor?

I know this sounds kind of convoluted?

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It was the color settings in the edit menu, thanks youuuu its been bothering me so bad, haha

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Great **cough** answer? lol

Glad that worked!!

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